This training work book on “Communication” contains 5 training programs entitled as follows:

Management involves motivating people, leading them to work at high levels of performance. The first three training programs of this work book look at the three key tasks: motivating, managing performance and leading.

What factors motivate us at work? Why do people make a special effort to complete tasks on time or improve the quality of output? How important is the need to work with others as part of a team, or to want promotion in the future? Knowing what motivates the members of your team, you can then use your understanding to motivate each one of them to give of their best.

This work book begins by exploring how you can use time efficiently. You will see how planning, deciding priorities and setting targets can create major benefits for you, your team and your organization.

The second and third training course cover two linked topics. We first look at ways of identifying any new skills, knowledge and abilities that you need to fulfil the requirements of your job. The third training course then shows how you can plan to undertake self-development to meet these needs.

To be successful, you must be clear about what you and your team need to achieve. You’ll therefore begin this program by looking at objectives, which will help you to establish clear parameters for each task, establish how the work will be carried out and by when, and measure the work that’s been done so you can see if an objective has been achieved.

Management is about getting work done through the efforts of others. This entire training programs looks at ways of monitoring the performance of your team members, identifying areas of improvement and managing people’s training and development.

The first training program looks at teams. How can you help a group of individuals to develop into an efficient and effective team? What roles will different people play in that team? What challenges are likely to occur during the various stages of the team’s development?