Julian Aloysius Leicester

  • Julian is Malaysia’s leading subconscious specialist. He has trained MLM groups, Insurance,teams, State government management groups, large corporations and conducted high techpublics seminars and media events.
  • National Record holder in Malaysia Book of Records for beat the fear of heights public seminar together with Menara Kuala Lumpur in July 2003.
  • Mental Coach for Adidas’s 24 Hour Challenge Run – Impossible is nothing campaign; Endorsed by Malaysia Book of Record.
  • Julian has trained the National junior U13 football team as a Subconscious Coach with Football Association of Malaysia in March 2003 in the Bangkok Games.
  • Julian is a popular local weekly newspaper columnist on Hypnotherapy. He appeared on TV, Radio, and Medias on his work with the Malaysian society.
  • Julian has been trained by Anthony Robbins, the “World’s No 1 Success Coach”. He is ‘firewalk’ line leader crewmember in Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within You Seminar 2002, 2004 Singapore and Malaysia 2003.
  • Julian is a certified National Service Trainer for Character Building programs in March 2004.
  • He is also officially been called the “Cigarette Slayer” by NSTP, other newspapers, TV and radio for his dedicated and original work on quit smoking column writing, public seminars, school road shows and corporate ‘smoke free workplace’ in the nation. Today his work is internationally available in the internet and referenced by many international sites.
  • Julian’s subconscious mental training made the Malaysia ‘Wildcats’ ICE Hockey men’s team be overall champions in the Asian B, while the women’s team was second in Asian in the World ICE Hockey 5 2006 Championship in Sunway Pyramid. He has also coach the team for the China Winter Games in 2007.
  • Team Leader for Malaysia in the World Youth Day in Denver Colarado
  • FAM, SEA Games, China Winter Games as mental coach
  • Mental coach for Adidas ‘Impossible is Nothing’ – 24 hour challenge Malaysia Book of Records/Guiness book of records
  • K.L. Tower Beat fear seminar

Julian’s key strength is his natural ability to take complex information and codify it into sequential processes that can be duplicated to produce consistently extraordinary results. Julian’s passion has always been focused at building people’s success.