Sales & Marketing

NLP Selling Skills By Understanding Human Behaviour

What would you do when competition heats up? The importance of specialized selling skills in a fast-paced industry demands that sales personnel not only possess the ability to just sell, but also have the attitude, knowledge and skills to communicate and influence their clients and prospects on a behavioral level. This means that you need to have sufficient exposure to the intricacies of human psychology to effectively communicate with the subconscious mind of your clients.

Committed To Sales – Breaking Through The Next Level

Here is a sales orientated program that is blended with lecture and case studies. It uses a Darwin process to rid fear, phobias and limiting beliefs and sciences of Hypnosis, NLP, Manifestation Science and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, sales games and group discussion. Participants will formulate their 90 days mind-set goals and milestones via mind programming techniques.

Prospecting Your Way To Sales Success

Prospecting is like breathing. If we stop prospecting, we will soon be out of business. On the other hand, generating new sales leads is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects in selling. There is increased competition for the attention of prospects. Special skills are required to improve our chances of success. Gaining access to high level prospects is difficult and requires a special approach.

Customer Retention Workshop

There is a saying, “It costs five times more to look for a new customer than to retain one” has always proven to be true when companies ended up in improving their customer base the wrong way. With the costs of selling on the ever increase, it is more prudent for organisations to look inward to a sound customer retention plan, one that looks into looking into the interests of the existing customers with the ultimate aim of increasing sales through repeats or referrals.

Managing a Sales Team

Sales management is a particularly difficult job as it is one of the few relationships in business where the Manager rarely sees the staff. It is usually management at a distance. This often creates motivation and morale problems in the sales team.

At the same time, competition is increasing in all markets as supply outpaces demand and products and services can be quickly copied. Supply is increasingly international so Sales Managers cannot just worry about domestic competition.

Winning Back Lost Customers

Did you know that most companies lose 10%-40% of their customers each year? Or a complaining customer can be much more valuable than a non complainer. Or recovered customers can be worth as much as 10 times more than new customers. It is alarming that most companies don’t know how to identify the high percentages of their customers who are at risk and may defect. Despite the headline, complaints management is serious business.

Achieving Results Through Effective Branding

More and more firms and other organizations have come to the realization that one of the most valuable assets is the brand names associated with their products or services.  In an increasingly complex world, individuals and businesses are faced with more and more choices but seemingly have less and less time to make those choices.  The ability of a strong brand to simplify consumer decision making, reduce risk and set expectations is thus invaluable.  Creating strong brands that deliver on that promise, and maintaining and enhancing the strength of those brands over time, is thus a manageme

Results Orientated Sales Presentation

It has often been said in the sales fraternity, "You may have a very good product, but when you cannot present, you have lost the sales." Sales professionals today must equip themselves on what to say and what not to say. Buyers want to hear benefits, but more than often, we hear sales personnel selling features.

Sales Negotiation & Influencing Skills

Effective negotiation skills are indisputably essential in the arsenal of every top-notch corporate sales performer. Without this ability to connect with others, work at the office is stagnant, cooperation is sluggish and projects / sales deals can be scrapped. This workshop involves the best-kept sales secrets from the field of human behavior pertaining to one-on-one communication and the subtle art of psychological influence.

4 Types of Customers - Matching Your Sales Approach With The Right Customers

Different customers have different personal needs that require different sales approaches. Successful salespeople are able to identify such differences and adopt the right sales strategies that best serve the needs of different customers.

This program provides useful information and tips to help participants recognize the four different types of customers. The participants also learn the likes and dislikes of each type of customers so that they can tailor sales presentation that best addressed the personal needs of the customers.