How long does it takes for us to get a matching result from your search?
Depending on the degree of customization, we usually submit a formal training proposal with three to five matching choices of well qualified and prescreened associate training providers in not more than 3 working days from the date we first received your request.
How much does it costs to engage your services?
TNI has made an agreement with all their associate training providers that we will be paid by them and not our customer, so there are NO CHARGES OR ADD-ON to the customer for our services. All billing and invoicing will be done through TNI, so once again, streamlining the transaction process.
We do the majority of our training internally. Can TNI still help us?
TNI gives its customer the ability to be totally flexible in regard to volume and timing of training. The customer is no longer limited by the capacity of its in-house resources when coping with peaks in training requirements or restricted by sickness and holidays of its in-house training staff.
We already receive discounted pricing from our preferred training providers. How much does training cost through TNI?
TNI enables each customer to benefit from the increased purchasing power of our total customer base. TNI enjoys significant discounts on the training provider’s list of training due to the volume of its combined purchases. In addition to this, by effective management, we can also reduce the associated costs of training; e.g. travel, accommodation and time spent away from work.
How big does a training project need to be to benefit from involving TNI?
TNI provides an effective solution to the fullest possible range of training requirements. We handle from the simple cost-effective purchase of a single training course from one training provider, to the total management of a customer’s on-going training program.
Won’t I restrict the choice of training available by dealing with just TNI?
TNI has developed a network of independent training organizations that currently offer numerous courses in a many locations, locally and worldwide. These organizations range from major national companies to one-man-band specialist. No single training organization can match this capability.
Why shouldn’t I directly use a training provider to manage my training program?
Only TNI offer independent, unbiased training advice. We do not have any training products of our own that we must sell. We prescreened and identify the most appropriate training to meet your needs from an independent network of local and worldwide training organizations.