Training Courses

There is an increasing awareness throughout many organization that people are the greatest asset to achieve the new challenges set by the company . Many strategies and business objectives are being formulated by organizations to compete locally and in the international arena. To achieve all these strategies and objective, your employees must be well equipped with sound skills and knowledge to perform the task. Therefore it is vital to train them systematically to enable them to execute their job for effective results.

Although the training needs assessment is essential for improving competencies, this vital component for training and development is often poorly undertaken. An effective analysis of training needs assesses the needs of individuals and organizations - and matches these needs against urgency and available budget. This allows management to agree and implement coordinated, cost-effective and cohesive training programmes. Training and development are investments in human ‘capital’ of the organization.

In business and operations, being proactive is always more cost efficient than being reactive to firefights.  Risks and dangers to business must be recognized before the full impact of disaster hits the company. This risk management programme is designed to help delegates recognize potential risks and to take appropriate remedial actions to protect the company from danger.

In the field of Industrial Relations developing and maintaining good employer-employee relations is of paramount importance. If this can be done, the twin objectives of increasing Productivity and high Quality will be achieved. Discipline is also an essential requirement if the targets and objectives of an organization are to be achieved. Management is therefore expected to be competent in dealing with the misconduct of their employees. Furthermore, they are required by law to give delinquent employees a fair hearing by conducting a fair and proper domestic inquiry.

The course has been developed and its delivery based upon International Maritime Stan- dards. All successful participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance Vessel - Dry Dock Blasting Operations and Risk Management

The course will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of Dry Docking Vessels, Blasting, Inspections and safety, construction, and common industry terminologies regarding design, work instruction, preparation and repairs to vessels and other floating platforms and structures.

A walk-in interview occurs when an individual can interview for a job position without having a pre-scheduled appointment. However, the candidate will need to prepare for these interviews just like any other. The main objective of having walk-in interview is to avoid the hassle of managing job boards or other advertisements. These are often expensive and time consuming to create and place in the appropriate area to reach candidates. 

Did you know that most companies lose 10%-40% of their customers each year? Or a complaining customer can be much more valuable than a non complainer. Or recovered customers can be worth as much as 10 times more than new customers. It is alarming that most companies don’t know how to identify the high percentages of their customers who are at risk and may defect. Despite the headline, complaints management is serious business.

In this developed world where information is easily available, the days of hard and aggressive selling techniques are over. Buyers will only buy something that will benefit them. Sales consultants therefore have to be seen as a solution solver rather than a mere salesman in order to win business.

This programme is designed to help those who are sales professionals to hone their skills so that they will become problem solvers that customers will trust and do business with.

Preventing errors before they happen is one of the simplest methods that can help an organization reach its quality goals, improve efficiency, and decrease costs.

Error proofing, also known as mistake proofing or Poka Yoke, refers to techniques that make it impossible to make mistakes.

Error proofing techniques can drive defects out of products and processes and substantially improve quality and reliability.