Training Courses

A business deal should not be considered a “done deal” until payment for goods and services is collected. However, customers for their own reasons sometimes miss their payment obligations. It is the role of a professional debt collector to persist and to use the best possible technique and strategy to get the payment due settled. 

In this 1day workshop you will learn techniques and strategies that will improve your performance in the profession of collections.

Information plays a vital role in the business world. An individual’s ability to capture information and report it accurately is a very valuable asset. This information is usually reported in a business report. A well-prepared business report will provide complete and accurate information about an aspect of a company’s operation. The format of a business report may vary from a brief informal report intended for an in-house use to a voluminous formal report intended for public distribution.

The power of thought is that whether you think you are a winner or whether you think you are a loser you are right either way. People who achieve more in life and attain more success have one significant thing in common – they have a very strong positive mental attitude about themselves and things that are happening around them. 

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.