Training Courses

The successful use of 7-QC tools is often demonstrated by many organizations through active participation of employees in Kaizen Circle activities or Quality Circle activities at the workplace.

In Malaysia, employees participate in Quality Control Conventions (QCC) that is held annually at state and national levels to demonstrate how they manage their work environment and processes through the use of Quality improvement tools.

Measurement System Analysis (MSA) are tools which are used by the Automotive industry and also being practice in all manufacturing industries. It a set of tools which is used as conformance on measurement taken during inspections.

The modern business world is a rapidly changing environment, so the last thing a company needs if it is to compete in the global marketplace is to get in its own way because of the way in which it approaches the business of looking after its income generating physical assets. So, it is important to have a fundamental rethink of business processes to achieve improvements in cost, quality, speed etc.

Potential FMEA is a risk assessment which is being utilized in current industry needs. FMEA is mainly used for automotive products during initial project developments & continual improvements.

Recently, and since the effectiveness of FMEA has been established, it is widely used in the manufacturing industry.

This course gives participants the full understanding of the quality management system ISO 9001:2008. It also explains the methodology towards developing a sound quality management system.

The training emphasizes on fundamental requirements such as continual improvement, corrective and preventive actions and customer satisfaction.

In todays competitive market place, management has empowered employees to be proactive dealing with quality and process, for continual improvement.

Therefore, they should be trained to master the root cause analysis technique where they can further enhance their job competence in areas of process and quality improvement.

This training session will give participants the skills and techniques of how to analyse problems (defects) from the root and also provide the solution which some of the engineer, manager and other  quality related personnel will be able to apply.