Training Courses

This program is blended with lecture and case studies. It uses mind techniques to create powerful empowering beliefs and sciences of Hypnosis, NLP, Manifestation Science and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, bonding games and group discussion. Participants will coach and grilled in real nerve breaking simulation via mind programming techniques.

The Front Office Staff is indeed the first impression of the organization to clients / customers and associates. Therefore the Front Office Staff must portray the right & professional image plus display professionalism at all times. It is imperative that the Front Office staff is excellent and efficient in enhancing the portfolio of the organization.

We have heard the cliché’ that Customers Are Always Right, even when they are wrong. Many customers feel that they have a right to complain as they have given money in exchange for value. They seek the value that they feel they are justified to have. And when they don’t receive what they perceived as value they may get very upset or fly into a rage.

This programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to manage customers so that customers’ loyalty can be earned and retained.

The importance of excellent counter service in a fast-paced industry demands that front liners not only possess the ability to do their tasks well, but also have the attitude, knowledge and skills to communicate with customers on a behavioral level. This means that you need to have sufficient exposure to the intricacies of human psychology to effectively render excellent counter service at the workplace. This workshop presents you with the opportunity to enhance your service skills using behavioral approaches other programs don’t teach.

  • Why do customers complain.
  • Are complaints real?
  • The “buck stops here”.
  • Why is it important to address customers’ complaints promptly.

Today, as more and more products are filling the market place, it has become difficult for companies to compete to achieve a greater market share. Much money has been spent on advertising and recruitment of sales personnel to generate better revenue, but when products whose brands have no impact in the market place, such companies will lose out ultimately.

A Service Desk, understands that information offers companies strategic advantages, ensures proper mechanisms are in place for operational incidents, problems and service requests to be analyzed, produced and distributed seamlessly. The best Service Desks manage information delivery by utilizing Information IT infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices to deliver these services. The Service Desk is the first contact in an organization for any and all IT operational questions.

Quality customer service is the foundation upon which an organization’s success and profits are built. You may have an excellent product, well-qualified staff and the latest infrastructure to deliver it, but if your staff lack the proper customer service training, the client will gravitate towards your competitor. Having magnetic customer service means more than just implementing a variety of customer-care strategies.

Menguasai komunikasi berkesan dan kemahiran hubungan manusia  yang akan membolehkan mereka untuk lebih memahami kepentingan komunikasi dan perkhidmatan pelanggan.

This workshop aims to equip delegates with a basic knowledge and solid skill practice for improved telephone communication. It can be tailored according to the needs and protocols within your business.

What would you do when you have dissatisfied customers who are threatening to take action against your company? Most companies rely on external PR companies to handle the situation. But did you know that each one of your employees is actually a key contact point with the customer to win back the angry customer?

Developing effective telephone skills can be difficult. The telephone is the most familiar piece of technology in the workplace and its use is often taken for granted in the way we speak to our customers, the way relationships are forged or broken and the way information is relayed. The ability to communicate in a prompt, friendly and professional manner is essential to creating the right impression and getting your message across.