Training Courses

Managers, Marketing Officers and Accounts Executives involved in financing trade must have some knowledge of trade financing procedures especially:

  • Common terminologies used in trade 
  • International Commercial Terms. 
  • Common trade documents 
  • ICC Rule – UCP 500. 
  • Trade cycles of Letters of Credit (LC) 
  • How to open an LC 
  • What are discrepant documents 
  • How to handle discrepant documents

The Letter of Credit (LC) or the Documentary Credit (DC) is a very ancient payment device. Its present form and the rules that govern it evolved from the international sale of goods. In recent decades the scope of LCs have changed from one that guarantees payment for a performance to one that guarantees payment for non performance.

Financial Institutions being the custodians of public funds and providers of loans are always at risk of fraudulent attempts of borrowers either to misrepresent themselves as financially strong or viable to qualify for loans and subsequently attempt to draw out all the loans proceeds by illegal means.

This couse is designed to identify fraudulent attempts by borrowers at the loan processing stage or risk evaluation process and then subsequently at loan disbursement using various techniques.