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Many organizations are suffering from widespread dissatisfaction in a workforce where those who can get up and leave do so while the mediocre remain. Those who are in first-line or middle management are key – the talented employee may join a company because of its charismatic leaders, its generous benefits and its worldwide training programmes… but how long that employee stays and how productive he is depends on the immediate superior. Companies need first-line and middle management to motivate, communicate and build relationships effectively. In other words, the tactical handling of your key competitive advantage – People!

Different customers have different personal needs that require different sales approaches. Successful salespeople are able to identify such differences and adopt the right sales strategies that best serve the needs of different customers.

This program provides useful information and tips to help participants recognize the four different types of customers. The participants also learn the likes and dislikes of each type of customers so that they can tailor sales presentation that best addressed the personal needs of the customers.

Successful organisations create a workplace environment where individuals can show initiative, take responsibility and feel empowered to take measured risks. 

TNI’s “Workplace Trainer” program helps to achieve this by developing peoples’ capacity for dealing with change and finding solutions to problems.

Every employee is in the business of problem solving and decisionmaking.

This program provides simple and tested techniques that generate good and practical ideas and enhance creativity. It helps participants:

• Resolve issues accurately

• Develop innovative solutions

• Utilize excellent judgment in decision making.

• Follow through with successful implementation of solutions

The successful use of 7-QC tools is often demonstrated by many organizations through active participation of employees in Kaizen Circle activities or Quality Circle activities at the workplace.

In Malaysia, employees participate in Quality Control Conventions (QCC) that is held annually at state and national levels to demonstrate how they manage their work environment and processes through the use of Quality improvement tools.

The 8D Problem Solving Process Tools Workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge that they will need to solve problems using the Global 8D industry standard model. This workshop provides an emphasis on the practical use of common problem-solving tools.

Accounting is often called the language of business and as such, it is very important for all staff to be familiar with this very critical functional area.

More and more firms and other organizations have come to the realization that one of the most valuable assets is the brand names associated with their products or services.  In an increasingly complex world, individuals and businesses are faced with more and more choices but seemingly have less and less time to make those choices.  The ability of a strong brand to simplify consumer decision making, reduce risk and set expectations is thus invaluable.  Creating strong brands that deliver on that promise, and maintaining and enhancing the strength of those brands over time, is thus a manageme

Today, the roles of administrative staff are not only about taking direction from their bosses, but encompass a great deal of activities to assist the boss. Administrative staff should be well versed not only in clerical and stenographic responsibilities, but also act as a communicator and an expert planner. The performance of the administrative staff reflects the effectiveness of their bosses, therefore requiring both parties to work together inter-dependently. Administrative staff of today is unlike the yesteryears – more challenges as well as opportunities await them. They have what it takes to develop themselves for the new millennium.

APQP & PPAP are tools which are required to be used in the systematic approach during a new model launch. Both of these tools provide a time frame where customer requirements are met according to their specific needs.

An intensive workshop for those who have to write reports and proposals that make an impact. There will be a training manual provided to guide each participant through the course. Work is expected to be done outside contact hours of the first day and presented the following day. Visual aids include video viewing (Report Writing). Pop Quiz and Report and Letter Puzzles to add to the learning experience and create a new approach to writing.

Managers, Marketing Officers and Accounts Executives involved in financing trade must have some knowledge of trade financing procedures especially:

  • Common terminologies used in trade 
  • International Commercial Terms. 
  • Common trade documents 
  • ICC Rule – UCP 500. 
  • Trade cycles of Letters of Credit (LC) 
  • How to open an LC 
  • What are discrepant documents 
  • How to handle discrepant documents

Behavioral Events Interview approaches and strategies are the best development thus far in the business of hiring and matching the right human capital for the most challenging jobs.  Hiring the right people first time, everythime can save the Organisation a lot of time, improve morale of the staff, overcome staff attrition and increase productivity. 

This training workshop adapts the Behavioural Interview Technique developed by Dr Paul C. Green, an Industrial Organisational psychologist. 

Why does communication break down during meetings, negotiation and every day office interaction? It is because the ear hears the spoken word but the mind sees the unspoken body language. Productivity and even million-dollar deals can be lost if your body language is not right. This workshop teaches you how to read and use body language as an effective business communication tool at the workplace. The trainer will equip you with the strategies for success using psychological and behavioral approaches rarely taught in other programs.

Every company looks to charismatic and resourceful leaders for results. Without a result-oriented leadership platform, there cannot be any effective eam-work. Together with effective decision-making skills and dynamic interpersonal skills, the leader will be better equipped to drive his group towards achieving objectives. With a passion for success ingrained in leaders, the people under him / her as a functioning unit and the organization, as a whole will experience a rise in performance.

This programme is designed to enhance and hone the communication skills of managers. Managers who are effective communicators will make a good leader. They will be able to communicate the company’s vision, values and goals effectively. They will be able to inspire the people they lead. They will be able to champion the company’s interest effectively and efficiently.

How you write and how you speak will portray your professionalism and your company’s image. A well-structured written in good business language is the core of effective communication. A good command of English will enhance your credibility to gain more clientele.  This programme is designed to help participants gain confidence in writing. This programme will also provide guidance to participants on how to give an effective oral presentation. 

Market research and global employers have consistently indicated that the skills gap for general networking skills is shrinking, while the skills gap for essential networking technologies such as security, voice, and wireless, and for emerging technologies such as data centre, cloud, and video, is growing. As a global leader in technology and networking, Cisco developed the new CCENT and CCNA Routing and Switching certifications and curriculum to remain aligned with the rapidly changing global job market and trends.

The Letter of Credit (LC) or the Documentary Credit (DC) is a very ancient payment device. Its present form and the rules that govern it evolved from the international sale of goods. In recent decades the scope of LCs have changed from one that guarantees payment for a performance to one that guarantees payment for non performance.

To change or not to change is a mute question. Companies all over the world are going out of business daily because they had failed to forecast and plan judiciously for the future. The reality of the business today is that an organization must constantly change in order to survive. Planning for change takes some of the guesswork out of the future, energizes an organization, and makes use of latent talent and creativity of the employees.

What Is Unique About This Programme:

  • Unique P.E.A.N.U.T selling process Easy to work with, Fun to work for
  • Simple Simple messages that can be learned easily and registered instantly
  • Practical Developed based on 26 years of Asian regional experience that is highly applicable in Asian business practice.

Coaching is the most effective method of developing excellence in employees. It leads to self-motivation and an attitude that is oriented towards improvement. Many organizations utilize coaching to build alignment, accelerate goals, and develop leaders. Corporate coaching is about execution and results! 

Here is a sales orientated program that is blended with lecture and case studies. It uses a Darwin process to rid fear, phobias and limiting beliefs and sciences of Hypnosis, NLP, Manifestation Science and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, sales games and group discussion. Participants will formulate their 90 days mind-set goals and milestones via mind programming techniques.

In this modern era, we always encounter a new phenomenon where the more advanced our electronic communication tools are, the lesser is our competence in communicating effectively

As an organization grows in size, the uniform interpretation of management objectives becomes increasingly important. Nowhere is this more significant than in matters directly affecting the employer-employee relations of an organization. In small and mid-sized companies, the term employee relations generally encompasses several facets of human resource management. For example, career development, employee assistance program and labor relations falls under this category.

The process of getting good and quality staff in a knowledge economy demands that interviewers not only possess the ability to interview candidates based on technical competencies, but also have the knowledge and skills to engage the candidates on a behavioral level.

You will learn a lot more about key management competencies in this course than you would gather in many typical seminars and conferences. It is designed to provide relevant knowledge for leaders wishing to be proficient decision makers in organizations. Course designed and will be delivered by who is currently a key course Tutor for several    Australia MBA programs

This program is blended with lecture and case studies. It uses mind techniques to create powerful empowering beliefs and sciences of Hypnosis, NLP, Manifestation Science and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, bonding games and group discussion. Participants will coach and grilled in real nerve breaking simulation via mind programming techniques.

People bring different ideas, goals, values, beliefs and needs to their teams or workplace and these differences are a primary strength of teams. These same differences, however, inevitably lead to conflict, even if the level of conflict is low.

An in depth and practical course specifically designed for those involved in the oil gas and maritime operations industry

This two (2) days course is designed for Bank Managers, executives of Trade Finance and Audit Departments, Credit and Marketing Managers, Lawyers, Importers, Exporters and Manufacturers, who need to understand international trade financing and the risks and fraud involved in trade. 

Financial Institutions being the custodians of public funds and providers of loans are always at risk of fraudulent attempts of borrowers either to misrepresent themselves as financially strong or viable to qualify for loans and subsequently attempt to draw out all the loans proceeds by illegal means.

This couse is designed to identify fraudulent attempts by borrowers at the loan processing stage or risk evaluation process and then subsequently at loan disbursement using various techniques.

An in depth and practical course specifically designed for those involved in the oil gas and maritime operations industry


An in depth and practical course specifically designed for those involved in the oil gas and maritime operations industry

STAFF will be able to PROTECT your business image by avoiding serious Disastrous, and hazardous accidents and effective marine engineering and safety techniques.

INDIVIDUALS WILL BE RESOURCED with the key, reliable and accurate technical information that allows you to make better more informed business decisions.

The Front Office Staff is indeed the first impression of the organization to clients / customers and associates. Therefore the Front Office Staff must portray the right & professional image plus display professionalism at all times. It is imperative that the Front Office staff is excellent and efficient in enhancing the portfolio of the organization.

Here is a creativity enhancement program that is blended with lecture and case studies. It uses a Darwin process to rid fear, phobias and limiting beliefs and sciences of Hypnosis, NLP, Manifestation Science and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, sales games and group discussion. Participants will formulate their creative mind-set goals and milestones via mind programming techniques.

Success of an organization and its leaders typically rest upon how managers and staff understand the psychological influences and process of thinking, an “out of the box” kind of thinking that they make. Since it is crucially evident that the employees are a very important dimension in the success of an organization, the challenge is to turn them from “clock watchers” to critical and creative workforce which can give the organization a competitive edge.

Recent studies on employees have shown that the quality of their engagement can determine their business performance and be translated into shareholder value

This programme is designed to help senior executives and managers identify the drivers of engagement in their staff and work with them to build a culture of engagement in their organisation.

There is a saying, “It costs five times more to look for a new customer than to retain one” has always proven to be true when companies ended up in improving their customer base the wrong way. With the costs of selling on the ever increase, it is more prudent for organisations to look inward to a sound customer retention plan, one that looks into looking into the interests of the existing customers with the ultimate aim of increasing sales through repeats or referrals.

We have heard the cliché’ that Customers Are Always Right, even when they are wrong. Many customers feel that they have a right to complain as they have given money in exchange for value. They seek the value that they feel they are justified to have. And when they don’t receive what they perceived as value they may get very upset or fly into a rage.

This programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to manage customers so that customers’ loyalty can be earned and retained.

Who does not have to handle difficult people at work? We all do, but most of us find it difficult to handle difficult people. If we fail to manage such people successfully, our job performance and also our success as an employee will be jeopardized. This program teaches you the psychological strategies to effectively handle difficult people, including customers, colleagues and the public who interact with your company. The trainer will give you the behavioral tools to tackle every situation with ease to get the results you want from such people.

Now you can train others to develop best practice coaching and mentoring skills. Changing workplace rules makes it necessary to modify basic beliefs, systems and actions within organization. Since much of this burden does not fall on the shoulders of managers and supervisors, they must, now more than ever, learn to communicate with employees and; coach and mentor their performance. This course though generic in terms of coaching and mentoring skills and applicable to any industry but the emphasis in this course will be geared towards the industry that the company competes within.

There is an art to business success ― The Art of Negotiation. It’s the art of making a deal a matter of persuasion rather than a crude power play. It’s the art of making the other person your friend, rather than your enemy - no matter how tough a bargain you strike. Negotiation’s the art of choosing the right strategy for each situation; painting the right business picture; projecting the right personal image; doing the right research; offering the right inducement; applying the right pressure at the right time; asking the right questions; demanding the right extras.

Effective personal influence & impact are indisputably essential in the arsenal of every top-notch corporate performer. Without this ability to connect with others, you cannot effectively manage your stakeholders nor will there be leadership in a team. This workshop combines verbal and non-verbal influencing skills, together with the knowledge on how to create an impact through a powerful professional image.

Procurement Management is a competitive weapon that distinguishes successful and profitable organizations from others within the same industry. The impact of procurement to business performance hits the profit margins. Thus, the smaller the profit margin, the more critical is the focus on reducing the procurement costs and risks simultaneously.

The development of your key people is critical to your future business success. In this respect, your fortunes are closely linked to your key people’s capabilities and effectiveness. Your company’s performance will continue to improve if you develop your people. To develop your people, is to invest in their future. Most people have the motivation to succeed, to be good at their jobs and to progress as far as they can.

“Diversity and Inclusion” workshop provides the knowledge, skills and tools to assist work groups and team members in behaving differently. Participants develop the basis for creating and sustaining change that fosters a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive workforce and workplace. The program is flexible to meet the demands and schedules of today's active working environments.


An in depth and practical course specifically designed for those involved in the oil gas and maritime operations industry


EQ is the ability to cultivate strong and trusting relationships with people in the workplace. Increased emotional intelligence brings greater harmony in work teams and results in greater productivity and a more energized spirit.