Training Needs Analysis & Identification

Although the training needs assessment is essential for improving competencies, this vital component for training and development is often poorly undertaken. An effective analysis of training needs assesses the needs of individuals and organizations - and matches these needs against urgency and available budget. This allows management to agree and implement coordinated, cost-effective and cohesive training programmes. Training and development are investments in human ‘capital’ of the organization. Accordingly, it is essential to measure the adequacy of the ‘return of investment’ for training and development activities.

Course Objectives: 
  • Identify organizational issues currently influencing the company’s training needs.
  • Identify organization’s training needs through needs assessment, which utilizes a variety of data collection methodologies including surveys, focus groups and interviews.
  • Conduct an effective TNA to successfully identify suitable organizational, functional/technical, personal behavioral competencies and skills required to meet organizational vision.
  • Prepare strategic training plans for the organization to improve competence and achieve more accurate results.
  • Develop a master plan of recommendations for future training strategies based on TNA findings.
Target Audience: 
Trainers, managers, executives, HR development specialists and others who make decisions about training and involved in analyzing, designing, and implementing organizational training plans.
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Training and Development Basics

  • TNA in the organizational context
  • The training cycle and TNA

Analyzing Training Needs

  • TNA Building Blocks
  • Performance Needs and Training Needs
  • TNA Structure and Framework
  • TNA Approaches

TNA Techniques

  • Observations, questionnaires, work samples, group discussions, observing records and reports, key consultation, interviews
  • TNA technique selection guidelines

The TNA Process

  • TNS Instruments & data collection techniques
  • TNA Method selection
  • Conducting TNA
  • Analyzing the data collating outputs from TNA
  • Identification of job skills breakdown
  • Reporting the TNA results
  • Converting training needs into specification for training

Documenting TNA Findings

  • TNA Analysis report
  • Job skills audit report
  • Training needs summary report
  • Formal TNA report
  • Strategic training plan
  • Competency – skills training matrix
  • Suggested annual training calendar

TNA Action Plan

  • Development of TNA action plan
  • Development of TNA framework

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