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There is an increasing awareness throughout many organization that people are the greatest asset to achieve the new challenges set by the company . Many strategies and business objectives are being formulated by organizations to compete locally and in the international arena. To achieve all these strategies and objective, your employees must be well equipped with sound skills and knowledge to perform the task. Therefore it is vital to train them systematically to enable them to execute their job for effective results. The best person to develop your employees in your business processes , quality control system and trouble shooting will be the Line Supervisors and Managers. Line Supervisors and Managers have the skills and they know exactly the present performance and competency gap of the people.

All Line Supervisors and Managers who want to improve the performance of their employees, but being unsure about which direction to follow, should attend this workshop . It will help them develop the necessary skills systematically , improve their confidence and enable them to be competent to plan , prepare , and facilitate any kind of training, related to system, process or machine which will eventually improve the quality of work and meet customers’ expectations and take the organization forward.


Course Objectives: 
  • Learn how to carry-out training or task needs analysis and write learning 
  • objectives at the planning stage of the training.
  • Given an objective, time limit, information and resources, able to design a complete 
  • lesson plan and training manuals.
  • Able to demonstrate the use of various learning methods and facilitate a learning 
  • session effectively
  • Learn how to use basic measurement tools to assess, monitor, track and review the 
  • effectiveness of your training


Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 
  • Lectures , presentation and d-briefing
  • Develop actual lesson plan and process manual
  • Interactive group discussions
Course Outlines: 

Module 1 – Train The Trainer : An Overview

  • Introduction to train the trainer workshop approach – the 4 Circles
    • Need analyze 
    • Design the program 
    • Effective Presentation
    • Measure effectiveness
  • The challenges at work place
  • Your role to create a learning culture 
  • Defining training and training philosophies
  • Strategic issues 
  • The training process
  • Your new roles as a Trainer/Facilitator in add value to your department and organization
  • Qualities of an effective Trainer/Facilitator
  • Types of trainees
  • Assignment 
  • Learning points

Module 2 - 1st. Circle : The Process Of Planning

  • The process of planning
  • Symptoms of training needs
  • Performing a training needs analysis
  • Job and task analysis
  • Performing a task analysis
  • Analyzing the skills required to perform the task effectively
  • Presentation of the findings

Module 3 – Development Of Training Objective

  • Why set objectives?
  • The advantages of writing the training objectives ?
  • How to develop learning objectives ?
  • Objective of training
  • Three types of learning objectives
    • Standards
    • Performance
    • Condition
  • Practical exercise on writing learning objectives for your various department
  • Presentation and d-briefing

Module 4 – 2nd. Circle : Designing Your Training Program

  • Why is a lesson plan necessary ?
  • What should be included in a lesson plan ?
  • How to a develop a lesson plan ?
  • The body
  • The content outline
  • Completing the lesson plan
  • Developing lesson plan 
  • Presentation and d-briefing
  • Identifying work related manual and writing the contents

Module 5 – 3rd. Circle : Training Methods And Methodologies

  • Process of learning
  • Adult learning
  • Why adults are motivated to learn ?
  • Various training methods
    • Presentation
    • Case study
    • Group discussion
    • Demonstration
    • Brain-storming
    • Demonstration
    • Role play
  • Individual assignment on presentation

Module 6 – 4th. Circle : Training Evaluation And Improvement

  • Evaluation objectives
  • System for tracking progress 
  • Carry out a training audit
  • Evaluating training effectiveness
  • 3r types of measurement
  • Analyzing the results
  • Making your training visible
  • Summary of learning
  • 60 days action plan

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