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Developing effective telephone skills can be difficult. The telephone is the most familiar piece of technology in the workplace and its use is often taken for granted in the way we speak to our customers, the way relationships are forged or broken and the way information is relayed. The ability to communicate in a prompt, friendly and professional manner is essential to creating the right impression and getting your message across. This developing effective telephone skills training course will enable delegates to develop, or refresh, the techniques and skills needed to make and take calls effectively.

They will learn and practice methods for giving and receiving information logically and clearly, building rapport and dealing with difficult callers. In addition to effective phone skills polished professionals are a great asset to any organization. It has also been proven that they are happier in their social relationships.

Course Objectives: 
  • Create the right impression of yourself and your company and present an image of total customer care.
  • Communicate confidently and handle customer calls with courtesy, enthusiasm and friendly efficiency.
  • Handle calls in a structured way, project professionalism in words and voice, and speak with clarity.
  • Manage difficult and aggressive customers, and resolve problems successfully.
  • Ask the right questions, LISTEN, and deal with enquiries, messages and complaints effectively.
  • Close calls by summarizing outcomes and agreed actions with the caller and by recording
Target Audience: 
Course Outlines: 

Module One: Creating A Professional Image Over The Telephone

  • Understanding how customers form their impressions
  • First and lasting impressions - getting it right!
  • Handling the key stages of the call - achieving seamless service
  • Sounding professional and confident
  • What not to say - avoiding the image-wreckers

Module Two: Improving Your Telephone Communication Skills

  • Developing your telephone voice
  • Techniques to aid clear speaking - articulation, assimilation, rate, pace, inflection
  • Examining the difference between hearing and listening
  • Supportive techniques to enhance listening skills - showing empathy and clarifying understanding
  • Examining techniques - being Courteous, Clear, Colourful, Concise, Consistent, Correct and Communicative

Module Three: Controlling The Telephone Process Confidently

  • Making and taking calls - the do's and don'ts
  • Being prepared and beginning the call
  • How to sound confident and helpful - building rapport
  • Dealing with enquiries - getting the facts and controlling the call
  • Ending the call

Module Four: Handling Problems, Upset Callers And Difficult Customers

  • Developing flexibility - handling every call effectively
  • Handling complaints and demanding customers - maintaining a positive approach
  • Resolving problems - identifying a process

Module Five: Dealing With Phone-Rage - Handling Anxiety

  • Identifying causes - building your confidence on the telephone
  • Developing techniques to overcome anxiety

Module Six: Personal Development - Putting It All Together

  • Integrating attitudes and behaviors for effective techniques
  • Refining your telephone/business manner - developing a welcoming style
  • Formulating a personal action plan

Module Seven: Customer Service Stress: 15 Minute Spa

Dealing with customers’ needs, wants and frustrations can lead to unneeded stress and frustration. The training session concludes with a presentation of stress management techniques to ensure that participants stay refreshed and alert and that they deliver exceptional customer service.

At the program's conclusion, participants will have an understanding of what makes a good customer service experience, how to deliver excellent customer service over the telephone, how to deal with difficult customers, and how to take care of themselves.

  • Understanding Your Needs
  • Exploring Mini Breaks
  • Let Go and Relax
  • Mini Meditation

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