Techniques & Skills for Quality Management Representative (QMR)

Being a quality management representative (QMR) or an environmental management representative (EMR) may be easy for many people.

But not all QMR undertake his responsibilities effectively.  Being professional QMR concerns understanding in his roles and responsibilities, as well as expectations for all parties, and how to accomplish the ISO 9001 management tasks required by the standards.

Common during external audit we have encountered many findings which relates to ineffective Internal Audit & Management Review Meeting. This course is able to close the loop and solve the problems faced by MR at the stage preparation for external audit.

Course Objectives: 
  • Become an ISO 9001:2008 information source in your company
  • Able to manage independently the QMS system with minimum guidance from consultancy or certification body
  • Able to justify & review the effectiveness of Internal Quality Audit
  • Able to justify & review the effectiveness of Management Review meeting
Target Audience: 
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Review On Clause By Clause Based On ISO 9001:2008 Requirement

Opening Activity: What Is The Goal Of QMS?
  • Brief Introduction On Quality Manual
  • Operation Procedures Review
  • Documentation & Form
Role And Responsibility Of QMR Required Be The ISO Standards
  • QMR Selection And Review On The Role & Responsibility
  • ISO 9001:2008 Latest Updates Review In Brief
Managing And Achieving QMS: QMR Is A Key Person
Audit Management: What Involvement Is Expected From QMR
Effective Management Review: What Is An Effective & Value Added Management Review?
QMR Characteristics Towards Excellences Of QMS Systems
Preparation Of Management Review Meeting With Consideration Of Continual Improvement
Gain And Involvement Of QMR Towards The Training

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