Stress & Anger Management Program

The importance of stress & anger management in a people-intensive industry demands that staff of all levels not only possess the ability to handle stress & anger in themselves but also have the attitude, knowledge and skills to manage other people’s feelings on a day-to-day basis. This means that you need to have sufficient exposure to the intricacies of human psychology to effectively be emotionally-balanced at the workplace. This workshop presents you with the opportunity to enhance your stress & anger management skills using fun and participative behavioral approaches.

Course Objectives: 
  • Tackle the different types of stresses & anger in yourself and in people you meet
  • Enhance your emotional strength and congruency
  • Overcome situations and confrontations with stressed & angry people
  • Handle angry customers and colleagues with professionalism
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Site Supervisor
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Number of days: 
Course Methodology: 
  • 15% interactive lecture
  • 70% participative activities
  • 15% group discussions
Course Outlines: 

Part 1: Fundamentals of Stress & Anger Management

  • Attitudes of emotionally balanced people
  • Leveraging on the different types of stress & anger at the workplace
  • Values inherent in emotional ‘self-defense’
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic factors in preventing stress & anger in yourself
  • NLP strategies to handle different situations positively and naturally 

Part 2: Steps in Enhancing your People management

  • Determining your aptitude & attitude in how you handle angry people
  • Results-driven tactics and role-plays to train your positive response
  • Traits of effective anger outlets and emotional avenues
  • Elements of emotional mgt other programs won’t tell you
  • Objectives and approaches in interpersonal harmony
  • Hands-on group activities to practice stress & anger management

Part 3: Effective strategies in Anger-Busting

  • Applying the 4 psychological imperatives in overcoming anger
  • Linking excellent anger-handling with hidden behavioral traits & tactics
  • Validating your anger-quotient using the 2-filter technique
  • Improving your calmness & confidence through the 3-sided mental map
  • NLP insights towards being a more anger-free organization


Part 4: Advanced approaches in Office Environment Management

  • Devices and deliverables in evaluating your office environment
  • Rectifying the most common mistakes other offices make
  • Techniques and tactics to psychologically enhance your office surroundings
  • Effective and applicable stress-reduction using the 3C method
  • Obstructions and obstacles in making your office psychologically conducive
  • Hands-on group activities

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