Strategies for Performance Management at the Workplace

This is aimed at managers, supervisors, human resource officers and those who are responsible for and conduct performance appraisals. Delegates learn how to devise the competency framework for the appraisal based on a job analysis, how to design appraisal forms and questions, and how to avoid appraisals which are ultimately meaningless due to endorsement of middle responses, poor reliability and lack of validity. Effective appraisal interviewing and feedback to appraisees are also covered. 

Course Objectives: 

Performance appraisals are conducted by many organizations worldwide. There are different emphases placed upon appraisal and these may vary based upon geographical location of the organization. What does not change however is that appraisals should be meaningful, fair, reliable and valid. Achieving this is a challenge for human beings given that we are, by nature, influenced by many factors that may be external to an individual’s performance when rating them. This will provide attendees with the skills to become more objective in appraisal and to turn the task into a more scientific process.

Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Course Methodology: 

Lectures, group discussion, exercises, case study.

Course Outlines: 

Module1 - The Importance of Performance Appraisal

  • Define performance appraisal 
  • The purpose of performance appraisal 
  • Pros, Cons and reputation of performance appraisal 
  • Making performance appraisal systems (legally) defensible 

Module 2 - Performance Planning

  • Define performance planning 
  • Manager's responsibilities in performance planning 
  • Employee's responsibilities in performance planning 
  • The performance-planning meeting 
  • Results versus behaviours 
  • Determining key job responsibilities 
  • Goal setting & goal statements 
  • SMART objectives 

Module 3 - Performance Execution

  • Define performance execution 
  • Manager's responsibilities in performance execution 
  • Employee's responsibilities in performance execution 
  • Keeping track of employee's performance 
  • Motivating for performance 

Module 4 - Performance Assessment

  • Define performance assessment 
  • Manager's responsibilities in performance assessment 
  • Employee's responsibilities in performance assessment 
  • Top management responsibilities in performance assessment 
  • Reliability and validity in performance assessment 
  • Self-appraisal 
  • 360° performance appraisal 
  • Internet-based performance appraisal 
  • Weighting of performance information 
  • Being objective / avoiding cultural, gender and other biases 
  • Rating scales and rating errors 
  • Extenuating circumstances 
  • Writing up the appraisal report 

Module 5 - Performance Review

  • The manager's responsibilities in the performance review 
  • The employee's responsibilities in the performance review 
  • Establishing rapport & being empathic 
  • Conducting the review 
  • Interview skills 
  • Difficult situations (silence, disagreement, excuses) 
  • Establishing a successful close 

Module 6 - The Performance Appraisal Form

  • Determining core competencies 
  • Job analysis 
  • Designing the form 
  • Ratings 
  • Weightings 
  • Understanding a middle score (C or 3 score) 

Module 7 - The Performance Appraisal Process

  • Designing and establishing from scratch 
  • Stakeholder expectations 
  • Management training requirements for performance appraisals 
  • Maintaining and monitoring the appraisal system 
  • Inter- and Intra-rater reliability 

Module 8 - Building Performance Excellence

  • Factors influencing an individual's development 
  • Creating development plans that work 
  • Management and employee responsibilities in development 
  • Using the job as part of the development process 
  • The employee who does not change 
  • Identifying gaps between desired and actual performance 
  • Getting agreement to change 
  • Documenting change discussions 
  • Attitude and attendance problems

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