Strategies in Managing Talents & Succession Planning at the Workplace

Your organization will only thrive and survive with appropriate investment in your human capital - your people. The current competitive recruitment and retention climate across both the public and private sector is creating the need for innovative talent management strategies. The disciplines of resourcing and talent management help you to pro-actively plan your future workforce, react quickly to organizational change and be prepared with an action plan to strategically deploy your talent.

Course Objectives: 
  • Seriousness in organization seeking out talents and succession planning
  • Discussing policies and aligning them with vision, mission of the organization
  • Clarify talent and succession management and the importance of them at the workplace
  • Defining what are talent management and succession planning
  • Attracting talent through culture management
  • Attracting and retaining talents and managing succession planning
  • Setting up talent management processes and succession planning
  • Global competitiveness on talent management
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Course Methodology: 

This program will use Lectures, case studies, small group discussion, group presentation to enhance maximum group participation. There will be a short assessment whereby a pre/post test will be provided before and after the program, as to measure whether learning has taken place

Course Outlines: 

Session 1

  • Defining talent management and succession planning
  • The elements of talent management
  • Creating a great place to work
  • Attracting and retaining strategies
  • The global case for talent management

Session 2

  • Key stakeholders in managing talents and succession planning
  • Defining high performing talent; roles and responsibilities
  • Managing talent and succession planning through knowledge management
  • Using learning and development intervention to develop and manage talents
  • Talent management in practice

Session 3

  • Review and Reflect
  • Defining succession planning and management
  • Making a business case for succession planning and management
  • Reasons for succession planning and management development program
  • The key trends and best practice approach
  • Reinforce your competency models towards retaining talent

Session 4

  • Execute forecasting for Talent Driven Succession Planning
  • Drive a competency based HR mould at your organisation that helps to select, recruit and develop talent including succession planning
  • Delve into best practices of identifying, grooming and retaining talent
  • Create a company culture that increases employee motivation and retention
  • Terminating talents without the organization getting hurt
  • Creating a Talent Culture Succession Programme in your Organisation
  • Implementing a Comprehensive Talent Driven Succession Planning Programme

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