Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Process Quality Improvement

Statistical Process Control are a word commonly used in manufacturing industries. It is strategy of quality improvements with SPC as the tools. The current process also will improve towards better quality achievements. Common process problem are being streamline to ensure are controlled within the desirable range.

Course Objectives: 
  • In this course participants will able to master the techniques for quality improvements with SPC.
  • In their current process, they will be able to improve and achieve better quality achievements performances.
  • Able to implement SPC with correct methodology controls & tools.
Target Audience: 
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Module 1: Introduction to Statistical


  • What is SPC  & Why SPC is Needed
  • Process Control Definition
  • SPC vs Common Controls Tools

Module 2: Introduction to Statistic

  • Type of Data
  • Type of Graf
  • Basic QC Tools Relative with SPC

Module 3: Basic Concepts of Process Variation

  • What is Process Variation
  • Type of Process Variation and The Control Forms
  • Methodology of Process Variation

Module 4: Data Collection

  • Types of Data Collection
  • Data Collection Relation with Process Control

Module 5: Sampling Size

  • What is Sampling Size
  • Type of Sampling Size

Module 6: Analysis of Control Pattern

  • Types of Control Chart Pattern
  • Action Required For Control Pattern

Module 7:  Variable of Control Chart

  • What is Variable in SPC1
  • Type of Variable Control Chart
  • When to Use Variable Control Chart

Module 8: Attribute Control Chart

  • What is Attribute in SPC
  • Type of Variable Control Chart
  • When to Use Attribute Control Chart

Module 9: What is PPK


  • When to Use PPK
  • What is PPK Requirements
  • What is The Range Control of PPK


Module 10: What is CPCPK


  • When to Use CPCPK
  • What is CPCPK Requirements
  • What is The Range Control of CPCPK


Module 11: Good Process Control


  • How to Manage
  • Continuality of Process Control
  • Exercise


Module 12: Implementation of SPC

  • How to Implement SPC in Current Organization
  • Common Problem Faced For SPC Implementation

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