Selling In Tough Times

  • Know your internal & external factors that will affect your selling activity.
  •  The business definition of your company
  •  Why should the customers do business with you?
  •  How do you start selling? It’s in the attitude
  •  What the customer would like to know. (role-play)
  •  Your credo in selling in tough times.
Course Objectives: 
  • Formulate strategies to stay apart from competitors
  • Create customer profiling to accelerate business
  • Leverage on existing customers to increase results
  • Build referral system
  • Apply skills in getting referrals
  • Implement referral action plan
Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Module 1 – The Planning Process

Part 1 : Analyzing your Products Using the FAB Factor

  • "How much do you really know your own products?"
  • Understanding the Features, Advantages and Benefits of your products
  • How the FAB is applied in selling  "Dissecting" your product - work group session.

Part 2: Selling Benefits

  • Analysing the six common benefits in product selling

Part 3: Sell Unique Factors of your Organization.

  • No matter whether a company is small or large, there are always certain unique features that the buyer may not know about. This is the part where the seller will learn how to excite the buyer in buying the product.

Part 4: Sell Value-added Service

  • No customers will pay a good price if he does not enjoy certain VAS from the seller’s company. In this part of the module, participants will be guided in knowing the proper process to deriving one or two VAS for the customer/s.

Module 2 - Presenting your Products (video supported)

  • The mental preparation -  Present creatively 
    Do not project yourself as a "run of the mill" sales person.  Present your belief in your company, your product and you.  The 5-step formula to an effective sales presentation.

(NOTE: You may have the best product in the market but when your presentation lacks colour, you have lost the sales.)

Module 3- Reading Buying Signals & Closing the Sales.

  • No sales can be effectively closed without the seller knowing first how to read the buying signals of the buyer and then proceed onto trial closings. Having done this, the participants will be guided on the usage of six common type of closing methods, and finally, learn how to ask for the order.

Module 4 – Setting Standards to succeed

  • The various types of standards to implement.
  • The Prospect Information Sheet and its usage.
  • Applying the Call Objectives form.
  • Applying the Weekly Planner – the application of sales call ratios.
  • The Call Report – the objectives and what it means to the sale person.
  • Understand the application of call ratios.

Module 5 – Handling Tough Customers

  • Understand the characteristics of four common types of tough customers and the tactics involved in handling them so that they will continue to do business with your organisation.

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