Sales Negotiation & Influencing Skills

Effective negotiation skills are indisputably essential in the arsenal of every top-notch corporate sales performer. Without this ability to connect with others, work at the office is stagnant, cooperation is sluggish and projects / sales deals can be scrapped. This workshop involves the best-kept sales secrets from the field of human behavior pertaining to one-on-one communication and the subtle art of psychological influence.

Course Objectives: 
  • Influence clients and customers easily with your words and voice
  • Read your client’s intentions by their facial expressions
  • Use your body language to influence buyers
  • Set up the sales close for optimal effectiveness
  • Learning how to manage the various types of customers
  • Removing ineffective attitudes that hinder effective customer service
  • Building a corporate culture of excellent service
  • Learning how to handle difficult customers

Niche : in this workshop, Dr. Alvin teaches psychological tactics not taught in other sales negotiation skills programs

Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Module 1: What constitutes a Negotiation

  • Differentiate a sales meeting from a sales negotiation
  • Define what you want from the negotiation
  • Dissect what went wrong during a previous encounter
  • Clarify the values governing the process

Module 2: Self Mastery in Sales Negotiations

  • Feel confident in meeting ‘VIPs’ as equals
  • Be more relaxed when interacting with others ‘more knowledgeable’ than you
  • Raise your aura of authority using simple thought processes
  • Subtly impress your negotiation partners

Module 3: Sales Communication

  • Create effective pre-negotiation small talk
  • Maintain other’s interest in you during a conversation
  • Make others like you easily
  • Apply “Context, Contact, Connect, Collect”
  • Control your voice volume to enhance your executive image
  • Tweak your vocal pitch and tonality to create a positive psychological sales effect
  • Use your voice qualities to influence clients to like you subconsciously
  • Build rapport with clients you are talking with

Module 4: Non-verbal Sales Communication

  • Enter a meeting room and get noticed 
  • Exude an aura of confidence without saying a word
  • Build trust at the start of a sales meet-up
  • Feel less self-conscious surrounded by others at the boardroom
  • Read other’s body language & feelings
  • Connect with others using body gestures to influence them
  • Disguise your intentions when speaking to people during a negotiation disagreement
  • Start closing your clients using body language

Module 5: Psychological Sales-Closes

  • Identify who the decision-maker is at the negotiation table
  • Choose team-members who can enhance your negotiating-leverage
  • Use props to advertise you as a winner
  • Have others respond to you as an authority
  • Employ subtle positive ‘traps’ for others
  • Create a relaxed negotiation atmosphere 
  • Call the shots even when you are disadvantaged
  • Leave a lasting impression after the negotiation

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