Running Effective Quality Control Circles (QCC)

With the onset of globalization, organizations are facing increasing pressure from Consequent borderless commerce and trade, whereby in order to survive, an organization needs to improve in all respects of its productivity and stay competitive. Organizations are focusing on increasing its productivity without sacrificing quality that could affect costs and customer loyalty and market share. One of the initiatives, is the establishment of quality improvement programs, where small group activities contribute to the ahievement of the overall company goals. QCC has a long history of success in Japanese companies and the running of effective QCC is the main focus in all organizations.

Course Objectives: 
  • Understand the working of a QCC
  • Apply QCC tools to effective problem solving and improvements
  • Analyze data in a much effective way
  • Apply the PDCA in problem solving
  • Able to perform presentation to management
Target Audience: 
Site Supervisor
Course Outlines: 

Principles Of QCC

  • The Voluntary Principle
  • Team roles and ownership
  • Win-win principles

Formation Of QCC

  • Common workplace principle
  • Team strength and composition
  • Company specific QCC road map

Team Work

  • 5 Stages of team life cycle
  • Role of the facilitator
  • Team objectives

What Is A Problem

  • Definition of a problem
  • 3 basic dimensions of a problem
  • Ways to negotiate a problem


  • Definition of brainstorming
  • Rules of brainstorming
  • Conduct of brainstorming

Analysis Of Problems

  • Ishikawa’s Fish Bone Diagram
  • Workflow diagrams
  • Analysis of failures
  • PDCA cycle

Data Collection

  • What data to collect
  • How to collect essential data
  • Tabulation of data
  • Pareto principle and analysis
  • Selection of problem statement

Data Analysis & Solution Generation

  • How to analyze data using Histograms, Scatter diagrams.
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Generate solutions
  • Corrective and Preventive actions

Presentation To Management

  • How to present data in meaningful forms
  • QCC competition judgment criteria

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