Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

In todays competitive market place, management has empowered employees to be proactive dealing with quality and process, for continual improvement.

Therefore, they should be trained to master the root cause analysis technique where they can further enhance their job competence in areas of process and quality improvement.

This training session will give participants the skills and techniques of how to analyse problems (defects) from the root and also provide the solution which some of the engineer, manager and other  quality related personnel will be able to apply.

Course Objectives: 
  • Analyse the RCA method logy in correct performance area where applicable to their industries
  • Collect information and interpret them faster and in a logical way
  • Implement the problem solving tools effectively through proper attitude and approach
  • Improve processes and products quality and efficient through  correct analysis method
Target Audience: 
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Day 1

All the importance of root cause analysis is being analysed where the participant will be able to learn the introduction of RCA and the RCA tools function based on problem solving methodology. 
Participants will be exposed to the RCA tools of interpretation and application.

Introduction to RCA
  • Definition of Root Cause Analysis
  • RCA vs RCFA
  • Achieving Excellence Through RCA
Framework for RCA: Using the DMAIC Process
  • Define
  • Create Team Charter
  • Measure
  • Create Process Map
  • Collect Data on Failure
  • Compile Data
  • Analyze
  • Create Fishbone Diagram
  • Conduct 5 Why Analysis/Tree Diagram
  • Compile Data & Root Cause Theory improve
  • Identify What to Change & What to Change To
  • Select Intermediate Solutions
  • Develop an Implementation Plan

Day 2

During the second day activities participants are required to apply the lessons learned in day 1 where root cause analysis are implemented based on their group basis studies. Subject to this, a written examination will further enhance their competence in RCA application

  • Case study review
  • Structured exercises
  •  Facilitate group activities to follow RCA process to solve an existing plant performance issue.
  • Follow structured RCA process to identify root cause for chosen project
  • Develop reliability solutions to eliminate root causes
  • Develop appropriate countermeasures to protect equipment from future potential related or unrelated failures (i.e.  Visuals,Standards, Work Instructions, etc.)
  • Develop action item list to move project forward
  • Facilitate group activities to discuss program implementation & strategy to complete newly formed project
  • Facilitate group activities using existing site specific failure analysis
  • Process review current projects and analyze projects based

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