Results Orientated Sales Presentation

It has often been said in the sales fraternity, "You may have a very good product, but when you cannot present, you have lost the sales." Sales professionals today must equip themselves on what to say and what not to say. Buyers want to hear benefits, but more than often, we hear sales personnel selling features.

Course Objectives: 
  • Compartmentalise his/her thoughts so that he can eventually appear
  • Deliver his offerings confidently and convincingly
Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
Course Methodology: 

1st. Day – Lectures, Group discussions, Case studies
2nd Day – Role plays to ensure that the skills have been transferred.

Course Outlines: 

- The importance of sales presentation
- Planning the presentation.

Module 1 - Selling Benefits 
- Redefining your product by analysing the Features, Advantages and Benefits (the FAB factor).
- Redefining the 6 main benefits of your product.

Module 2 - The Uniqueness of your company/product
- Analysing the various unique offerings of your product/company that will stand up in the mind of the prospect/customer.

Module 3 - Offering Value-added services
- The right approach to deriving value-added services.
- The 5 conditions that make up value-added services.

Module 4 - The Technique in Sales Presentation
- Why the need to present
- When you present - you make the difference.
- The 5-step formula to presenting a product.

(Participants will be required to either present on a one-on-one or one to a group. Fellow participants will be required to form a panel to critique each role.)


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