Public Relation Skills (In Managing Difficult Customers)

What would you do when you have dissatisfied customers who are threatening to take action against your company? Most companies rely on external PR companies to handle the situation. But did you know that each one of your employees is actually a key contact point with the customer to win back the angry customer?

Course Objectives: 
  • Tackle a client-relationship crisis 
  • Effectively calm & convince angry customers 
  • Overcome objections & hostility 
  • Handle & improve your company’s public image & good name
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Course Outlines: 

Module 1

  • Attributes of an excellent customer-service mindset 
  • Leveraging on the psychology of human personality 
  • Values to have when dealing with customers 
  • Integrity & trust: the hallmarks of excellent service

Module 2

  • NLP methods in dealing with difficult customers 
  • Training your mind to handle tough PR situations 
  • Excellent service: delighting a potential complainer 
  • Obstacles in calming & convincing an angry person

Module 3

  • How to overcome objections & bad publicity 
  • Know a situation from a psychological viewpoint 
  • Influencing the media to report positively 
  • Managing an escalating crisis with professionalism

Module 4

  • Making the most of a PR crisis situation 
  • Entertaining customers’ unreasonable requests 
  • NLP strategies to protect your company’s name 
  • Going the extra mile in pleasing your customer

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