Psychologically Enhanced Interpersonal Skills for Better Performance

Effective interpersonal skills are indisputably essential in the arsenal of every top-notch corporate performer. Without this ability to connect with others, work at the office is stagnant, sales are sluggish and deals are scrapped. This workshop combines the best-kept secrets from the 2 aspects of effective interpersonal skills, namely from the dynamic art of one-on-one communication and the subtle art of carving a successful corporate image.

Course Objectives: 
  • dress for success in a subtle way
  • influence others easily with your words and voice
  • read other people’s intentions by their facial expressions
  • use your body language to influence others
  • increase your persuasive skills in your social and business interactions
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Internal & External Grooming 1

  • Make a powerful yet understated 1st impression at social / business meetings
  • Choose clothes that positively effect others on a psychological level
  • Use colors that make others trust you easily
  • Build self-confidence by what you wear

Internal & External Grooming 2

  • Let your personal accessories (men and women) advertise for you
  • Optimize your facial features to attract or distract others when meeting another person
  • Subtly influence others using simple props
  • Enhance your credibility with your hairstyle

Words & Voice 1

  • Start a conversation with a stranger anytime 
  • Maintain other’s interest in you during a conversation
  • Make someone you’ve just met like you
  • Follow up easily with new contacts

Words & Voice 2

  • Control your voice volume to enhance your executive image
  • Tweak your vocal pitch and tonality to create a positive psychological effect
  • Use your voice qualities to influence others to like you subconsciously
  • Build rapport with whomever you are talking with

Body Language 1

  • Enter a meeting room and get noticed 
  • Exude an aura of confidence without saying a word
  • Build trust at the start of a conversation
  • Feel less self-conscious surrounded by people

Body Language 2

  • Read other’s body language & feelings
  • Connect with others using body gestures without them knowing 
  • Disguise your intentions when speaking to people you do not trust
  • Tell your customers you like them without saying a word

Self and Social Mastery 1

  • Identify which values are jeopardizing you
  • Choose success beliefs that will improve your people skills at work
  • Feel, behave and react like a winner
  • Have others respond to you as a winner

Self and Social Mastery 2

  • Feel confident in meeting ‘VIPs’ as equals
  • Be more relaxed when interacting with others "more knowledgeable" than you
  • Raise your aura of authority using simple thought processes
  • Impress subtly whoever you want to impress during social/business events

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