Problem Solving Workshop With Inquiry Learning & Introduction To Computational Thinking

This workshop intends to link companies’ requirement for Training and People Development process in enhancing Problem Solving and Thinking skills.

This training program can be conducted in English or Chinese under the following modules:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Inquiry Learning
  • Computational Thinking

The Mind Mapping module is to focus, link, organize and capture thoughts to stimulate creativity.

This workshop is to take on modules II & III with major focus on the People Development (both as an Individual and working in Teams) to enhance Problem Solving and Thinking skills. The workshop intends to improve understanding and facilitate active involvement & ownership in Problem Solving and its Thinking Process.

The workshop focus:

  • the use of Techniques & Tools to analyse & unearth the root of problems ;
  • the techniques of questioning to expand the thinking process to facilitate problem solving ;
  • expanding thoughts beyond normal parameter to enhance creativity;
  • linking the learning from Mind Maps to broaden the view for any road blocks and sort through issues to facilitate problem solving;
  • introducing the basics on Computational Thinking and expanding the dimension of the thinking process (note, this is an introductory session with illustration relating to Computational Thinking).
Course Objectives: 
  • reinforce their problem solving & thinking skills and take on assign jobs or handle any issue independently & accede to ownership behaviour;
  • develop consistent approach in problem solving & thinking process to enhance productivity and harmonize teamwork to eradicate negative inter-personal issues and focus on attacking the actual work problem ;
  • tap the pool of brain power involving the people (individual & team) in running and improving the job deliveries beyond the normal day to day routines.
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Course Methodology: 
  • Facilitator Presentation
  • Brainstorming
  • Break-up-Groups
  • Presentation by Work Groups 
  • Problem Solving Tools
Course Outlines: 

Introduction & Workshop Structure

  • Brief on the purpose and objectives of the workshop.
  • Critical success factors on Problem Solving Culture, avoidance of inter-personal conflicts and stay focus on the workshop learning. 

Walk through Problem Solving Process

  • Clarify people perspective on problems 
  • Deal with inter-personal issues & explore underlying interests
  • Establish mutual challenge, evaluate options & make decision.

Common Problem Solving Techniques

  • Break-up the problem and identify key issues
  • Use of selected management tools to unearth root cause & priority
  • Brainstorm, analyse, evaluate options & decision 

Cross Functional Problem Solving 

  • Break-up Group works to engage problems as a team 
  • Use of selected power tools to facilitate problem solving 

Inquiry Thinking – Approach & Activities

  • Brief on Inquiry Thinking & Learning
  • Techniques on developing good questions to promote critical thinking
  • Techniques on observation ‘what works & what don’t’
  • Techniques on discovery to explore and find answers that work

Computational Thinking

  • Basics on Computational Thinking

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