Presentation Skills (Engaging your Audience using NLP)

Whether you are a teacher, in sales or in any profession where you need to speak to two or more people to convey an idea or simply to get your message across, you will need to have engaging presentation skills. The fear of addressing a crowd or even a small group of people is said to be one of the top fears in executives. It is second only to the fear of death. But public speaking need not be dreaded because, with key techniques and guided practice, anyone with the necessary tools would be able to present with impact and purpose.

Course Objectives: 

This programme seeks to develop your presentation skills to a higher level. As you undergo this workshop, you will realize that making corporate presentations is not as difficult as it looks. You will gain the necessary confidence to come up on stage and engage your listeners, and surprise yourself in the process.  The techniques taught are derived from the principles found in the trainer’s published book on presentation skills.

Overall, the training outcome will encompass:

  • Learning how to prepare a well-structured presentation
  • Removing mental blocks and fears concerning public speaking
  • Equipping yourself with advanced speaking techniques
  • Gaining adequate exposure in a safe learning environment

Workshop Layout

The workshop will focus on the 4 areas of presentation skills:

  • Planning: You will learn how to structure your presentation using basic and advanced methods
  • Projection: You will develop your speaking voice to add impact to your presentation
  • Personalizing: You will be introduced to various speech-enhancement tactics
  • Practice: You will present in real time and be evaluated by your peers
Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Number of days: 
Course Methodology: 
  • Experiential Activities: 20%
  • Group Lecture: 20%
  • Discussion: 10%
  • Presentations: 50%

Fun yet effective hands-on activities will be prepared for the participants to introduce key concepts in making public presentations and to encourage them to give real presentations that can be used in the course of their work. Outdoor activities (including but not restricted to cool open areas in the training venue’s vicinity, or at the venue-hotel’s lobby) combined with indoor fun brain-storming sessions will be adopted and adapted to the levels of the participants.

Course Outlines: 

Day 1

“Planning” – Part 1 & 2

These sessions before lunch will introduce you to the fundamentals of preparing a basic speech and the techniques of mapping out a spell-binding presentation.

  • Recognizing and avoid making lousy and boring speeches
  • Opening your presentation with a bang
  • Structuring your presentation using a systematic approach
  • Closing your presentation in a memorable way
“Projection” – Part 1 & 2

These sessions after lunch will help you develop your voice further in order to sound right and make a positive impression on your listeners.

  • Modulating your voice volume to capture the room
  • Applying the effects of vocal pitch and tone to animate your speech
  • Learning how to vary your speaking speed to enliven your presentation
  • Knowing how to use the power of silence to create impact

Day 2

“Personalizing” – Part 1 & 2

These sessions before lunch will focus on how you can use simple yet effective approaches to make your presentation stand out.

  • Using your eyes to enhance your message
  • Employing hand gestures and body postures to capture attention
  • Learning the power of stage props
  • Psyching yourself up before the speech
“Practice” – Part 1 & 2

These sessions after lunch will involve the participants in actual presentations.

  • Presentation of prepared speeches
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Learning to speak on the spot without preparation
  • Final tips and Q&A session

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