Power Your Thoughts For Peak Performance - Specialist NLP and Hypnosis

Minimum 3 days lecture and case studies by renowned clinical specialist on Hypnotic and NLP Techniques and its application to a corporate environment. Breakout practise sessions, games and group discussions and a evaluation test at end of course. Specialist subconscious corporate therapy techniques will be taught and live demonstrations.

Course Objectives: 

The combination of NLP and HYPNOSIS is a powerful tool to influence correct auto responses of the ‘emotional mind’ which is the subconscious. The subconscious is the mind software that is the operating system for the entire human system for performance. There are infinite possibilities to what it can achieve. This course teaches you to: 

  • Create Thinking about Performance – Key Skills, Boosting Confidence, Set Objective and Managing Personal Flexibility
  • Improve Your Performance – Learn How to Learn, Managing Emotions, Self-Coaching, Visualization, RAS, Rid Bad Habits, Analysing Problems and Priorities
  • Learn Helping Others Improve – Relating Non Verbal, Personality Traits, and Relationships, recognizing Cues, Hypnotic Influence, and Promoting Ideas.
  • Continuing Improvement – Life Planning, Personal Development, Coaching, Modelling High Flyers and Leadership Qualities.
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Create Thinking about Performance

  • Knowing the Key Skills needed for Performance
  • Identifying Success and Improving Effectiveness
  • Introduction to NLP and Using NLP Skills
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Focusing on Process
  • Learn How to Boost Confidence and avoid Blame
  • Learn to Set Your Objectives and planned Outcomes and Planning
  • Managing Personal Flexibility- Making Changes to yourself
  • Introduction to Hypnosis and Use of basic Hypnosis skills
  • Learn about the Rules of the Mind
  • The Processing of the Subconscious Mind
  • The Stilling of Wavering Thoughts – meditation focus
  • Learn how to hypnotically influence yourself and others

Improving Your Performance

  • Learning How to Learn – The Learning Model
  • Managing Performance, Taking Action and Rehearsing Situations
  • Managing Your Inner Representation of Things and your State
  • Managing Emotions- Achieving Flow in creating your Passion, 
  • Learn how to Deal with Stress daily and in a built-up situation.
  • Become Aware of your Emotional states.
  • Learn how to Anchor Positive Emotions
  • Coaching Yourself for Success
  • Effective Visualization – your visual brain, mind’s eye, rehearsals
  • Finding the Best Approach – Positive Frames, Problem Anticipation
  • Freeing Inner Resources – Inner Conflicts-consciously, subconsciously
  • Break Bad Habits – Hypnotic Regression and The Darwin’s Process
  • Problem Analysis- Exploring Levels and viewpoints
  • Optimizing Your Time – The Basics, Assessing Values and Motivating Yourself

Helping Others Improve

  • Learn Relating Non-Verbally – Matching, Pacing and Leading
  • Evaluating Priorities – Clear on Criteria, noticing emphasis and clarifying Internal needs
  • Working with Personality Traits – Looking, Adapting and Applying Differences
  • Getting The Best Deal – Understanding Styles, Developing Skill, Business Benefits
  • Detecting and Preventing Problems – Know Self Certainty, Recognizing, Doubts, Resolving
  • Shaping Meetings – Preparation, Tracking and keeping Focus
  • Improving Working Relationships – Learn Weakness, Move Viewpoints, Resolve
  • Recognizing the Cues – Spotting, Adapting and Seeing others Think
  • Influencing Language – Choosing words, asking questions, repetition, senses
  • Promoting Winning Ideas – Encourage Creativity, Realistically, Critically, Analysing.

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