Overcoming "Your Price Is Too High" Objection

“Why prospects object? Are objections real?

Objections raised by prospects have always been the bane for many sales professionals. Sales have been lost not due to lack of trying but in many cases, lack of planning and preparation. Once an objection is raised and the sales personnel is unable to respond convincingly, the sales is lost and he/she becomes demoralised.

Course Objectives: 

The 2-day session will highlight certain techniques that will prove to be useful in closing the sales.

Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
Course Outlines: 

Module 1: Selling Benefits

  • Redefining your product by analysing the Features, Advantages and Benefits (the FAB factor).
  • Redefining the 6 main benefits of your product.

Module 2: The Unique Factor Of Your Company/Product

  • Analysing the various unique offerings of your product/company that will stand up in the mind of the prospect/customer.

Module 3 -  Offering Value-Added Services

  • The right approach to deriving value-added services.
  • The 5 conditions that make up value-added services.

Module 4: Negotiating Objectives: “Ours” & “Theirs”

  • Be aware of the MUSTS and WANTS.
  • Creating a negotiation objective matrix before meeting the prospect.

Module 5: Assessing Leverages And Limitations

  • Analyse your own leverages and limitations
  • Analyse your prospect’s leverages and limitations.
  • The 7 areas to explore for sales leverage.

Module 6 - Overcoming Sales Resistance

  • Highlighting the pitfalls, 13 selling strategies and 3 closing strategies so required to close the sale.
  • (If time permits, role-play will be carried out on selected participants)

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