NLP for Improved Performance

In a corporation, every employee must think in terms of personal improvement. Although they are employed by the company, they must have a sense of belonging that says “I am not only working at the company, I am part of the company. The company cares for me.”

Course Objectives: 

This workshop will seek to impart in the employees a sense of belonging to the company. They will experience a sense of wanting to do well for the company and will be infused with the qualities (attitudes, knowledge and skills) which will help them become better employees & problem-solvers and also improve their interpersonal interactions.

Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Alignment with company objectives

Employees have poor performance because they do not know what the company wants. Using the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the employees will get a clearer picture of the company objectives. They will also learn to align their personal needs and goals to the overall larger vision of the company. This will ensure every action they take will be for the benefit of the company.

Being proud of what you do

Poor performance is also the result of a lack of pride in the job. In this session, participants will use NLP to evaluate their jobs and gain a larger picture of their roles and responsibilities. They will also experience a higher sense of purpose and pride in their work. This is the key to self-motivation and personal leadership.

Confidence in facing and solving problems

Some employees just give up because they face overwhelming obstacles. This session will highlight some behavioral obstacles faced when solving problems at work. The employees will learn confidence-boosting tips to enhance their problem-solving effectiveness. Overcoming the fear of the unknown and handling uncertainties will be included.

Independent thinking skills when solving problems

The participants will learn critical and creative thinking approaches to find solutions to problems at work. They will also be introduced to the concepts and applications of brainstorming and teamwork. They will learn how to tap each other’s knowledge and experiences when facing problem situations.

Effective interaction as an employee

The participants will learn about the psychological obstacles to making good conversations. They will also learn about their various personality traits and how each type of personality type interacts in the office. By knowing who they are, they can understand why they do what they do and how they can relate to others.

Harmonious relationships at the workplace

The participants will learn how to relate to their peers and colleagues when there is stress at the workplace. They will learn the various NLP tools of reaching agreements confidently and in a harmonious way. They will also learn how to maintain their own happiness when faced with difficult people.

"This is my own business" Mindset of Personal Ownership

This last session will solidify the mind set of the participants so that they will think and feel and behave as if the company belongs to them. A sense of ownership will be instilled in them so that what they do will be for the ultimate benefit of the company.

Final Commitment

In this session, the participants will present their learning outcome. The highlight of this session will see the participants making a public commitment to improve themselves and be more effective for the company.


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