Negotiation and Persuasion – Managing Effective Communication For Result And Buy In

Uses competency-based instruction with case practice and on-the-job application. Provides a stimulating environment based on adult learning principles to maximize skill transfer. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, negotiation games and group discussion. Participants will formulate their mind-set goals and milestones via mind programming techniques.

Course Objectives: 

Negotiation is a foundational management skill, essential to building, improving, and maintaining business relationships. Breakthrough Negotiations will help you master the skills of a successful negotiator by focusing on the preparation, process and the people to develop creative solutions, stronger relationships and better deals. This course teaches you:

  • Prevent other people dominating your negotiations.
  • Keep your negotiations on-track, so you get results which work for you.
  • Prevent relationships being damaged by conflicts and disagreements.
  • Build respectful, positive relationships.
  • Eliminate any ‘bad habits’ which undermine your success as a negotiator.
  • Become the most confident and successful negotiator you can be.
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Number of days: 
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Introduction to Negotiation

  • Explore the principles of win/win negotiation and how they can be used to create positive negotiation outcomes. 
  • Learn four key principles that can be used in everyday negotiation situations. 
  • Learn how to decide whether to take a distributive or integrative approach to a specific negotiation.

Planning your Negotiation

  • Learn how to plan your negotiation using three key concepts – BATNA, WATNA and ZOPA. 
  • Create a negotiation map in order to assess the situation in which you are negotiating.

Exploring Needs and Concerns

  • Hear why understanding needs and concerns is a key step in any negotiation. 
  • See two key skills– questioning and active listening- being used by professional negotiators. 
  • Use a questioning template to lead a conversation about needs and concerns.

Create WIN/WIN Options

  • Discuss how creating win/win options increases your influence as a negotiator.
  • See how to draw an ‘option generator’ in order to manage conflicting needs and concerns. 
  • Try out win/win problem solving tools.

Handling the people side of Negotiation

  • Learn the people side of negotiation all, people problems can get in the way of solving issues-based problems. 
  • Explore ways of handling others' emotions and keeping your own emotions resourceful during negotiation. 
  • Hear how to handle difficult behaviours which can block your efforts to find fair solutions during negotiation and conflict resolution sessions. 

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