Negotiating The Collective Agreement

Course Objectives: 
  • To provide a forum to identify and seek possible solutions to prevailing problems in collective bargaining. 
  • To reinforce participant’s knowledge, capacity and skills in applying sound principles, practices and legislation to collective bargaining. 
  • To enable modern methods and techniques to be acquired towards cost effectiveness and organizational profitability
Target Audience: 
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, lectures, interactive group discussions, presentations, role-plays

Course Outlines: 
  • Collective Bargaining Process 
  • Definitions, Aims, Origin, Process, Integrative, Distributive and
  • Mix Bargaining 
  • Legal Framework 
  • Pioneer Status Industry, Recognition, Collective Bargaining & 
  • Agreement, Service Term & Conditions 
  • Negotiation Climate 
  • Contributing Factors, Approach Alternatives 
  • Tactics & Strategies in Collective Bargaining 
  • Definitions, Tactics, Strategies 
  • Preparing and Costing the Mandate 
  • Mandate – Preparation, Costing and Approval, Analysis Format - 
  • Design & Applications, Exercises. 
  • Drafting the Collective Agreement 
  • Discussion, Guidelines, Industrial Court Views 
  • Established Collective Bargaining Principles 
  • Industrial Court’s Awards – Discussion 
  • Mock Negotiation 
  • Syndicated Role-Play Based on Local Situation, Evaluation & 
  • Dead-Lock – Effects & Remedies 
  • Causes, Effects, Remedies, Conciliation & Arbitration.

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