Managing Generational Gaps in the Workplace

In today’s workplace, the main challenge we find among different generations of workers relate to communication problems and a clash of personalities within the work team. If these are not solved, then employees will experience interpersonal tensions while the company faces productivity losses. This program can help you understand and overcome generational gap differences and conflicts through unique behavioural strategies.

Course Objectives: 
  • Understand the psychology underlying each generation
  • Improve your communication with different generations
  • Overcome intergenerational conflicts at the office
  • Create a harmonious work environment for all generations
Course Methodology: 

30% interactive sharing by trainer, 50% experiential group activities, 20% group presentations.

Course Outlines: 

Part 1: The Psychology of Generational Differences

  • The various personality traits found across each generation
  • Fun personality profiling tests to discover yourself deeper
  • How to know what is important to another person
  • 7 signs to discover the hidden character of someone else

Part 2: Intergenerational Communication

  • What someone really means when he / she says something
  • How to actively listen to someone younger / older
  • How to use body language to convey your ideas effectively
  • How to counsel your colleague from a different generation

Part 3: Overcoming Intergenerational Conflicts

  • How each generation handles anger and misunderstandings
  • What to say and what not to say in any conflict
  • Making peace after a conflict: pathways and pitfalls
  • Maintaining mutual respect among the generations

Part 4: Workplace Intergenerational Harmony

  • How to create a harmonious intergenerational team
  • The psychological basics of office colour, layout & deco
  • Which type of office culture is best for all generations 
  • How to create intergenerational relationships that can last

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