Magnetic Customer Service

Quality customer service is the foundation upon which an organization’s success and profits are built. You may have an excellent product, well-qualified staff and the latest infrastructure to deliver it, but if your staff lack the proper customer service training, the client will gravitate towards your competitor. Having magnetic customer service means more than just implementing a variety of customer-care strategies. The customer service you provide must come from having an understanding of the diversity of customers and using that understanding to become more effective in managing your customers.

Many customer-service courses today focus on superficial activities that merely give a cursory understanding of customer service. After attending those workshops, participants leave with a concept of how important customer service is, but as far as gaining psychological techniques to actually manage customers, the emphasis is lacking. On the other hand and at a higher level, Magnetic Customer Service, as an interactive workshop, is designed to provide customer service personnel with a practical foundation towards managing and serving today's increasingly diverse and sophisticated customers using psycho-physiological interventions. 

Course Objectives: 
  • Learning how to manage the various types of customers
  • Removing ineffective attitudes that hinder effective customer service
  • Building a corporate culture of excellent service
  • Learning how to handle difficult customers
Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
Course Outlines: 

“Personality” – Part 1 and 2

These sessions before lunch will introduce the 8 categories of customers based on the Meta-Programs of NLP, how to recognize behavior patterns under each category and how to manage the unique preferences of each type of customer

  • Understanding and serving the Representational System Customer
  • Understanding and serving the Self-Others Referential Customer
  • Understanding and serving the 3P Customer 
  • Understanding and serving the Pain-Pleasure Customer
  • Understanding and serving the Problem – Solution Customer 
  • Understanding and serving the Global-Detail Customer
  • Understanding and serving the Temporal Process Customer
  • Understanding and serving the Match-Mismatch Customer

“Breakthrough” – Part 1 and 2

These sessions after lunch will not only investigate the psycho-physiological barriers that prevent customer service personnel from performing at optimum service levels, but will also help create positive attitudes and behavior patterns in reaching and maintaining those levels.

  • Discovering your hidden barriers to service
  • Facing your subconscious perceptions towards certain customers
  • Demystify your unspoken limitations in reaching a higher standard
  • Untying your hidden service potential 
  • Unleashing your internal resources for improved customer service
  • Engaging the customer from a positive psycho-physiological level

“Culture” – Part 1 & 2

These sessions before lunch will touch on how an organization / service department operates as a psychological entity and on how it can be cultivated to be top-notch in providing the required service.

  • Diagnosing the prevailing service culture in your department / organization
  • Understanding the importance of creating a workable culture of service
  • Coalescing personal culture with corporate culture in servicing your customer
  • Applying an effective vision and mission in customer service
  • Using subconscious visual reminders to improve service
  • Creating a result-driven system for customer service 

“Interaction” – Part 1 & 2

These sessions after lunch will emphasize the various people-skills in handling difficult and demanding customers.

  • Recognizing traits of difficult and demanding customers
  • Using your environment to subdue angry customers
  • Engaging your customer from a position of strength & a spirit of service
  • Controlling your own anger and frustrations
  • Salvaging potentially explosive scenarios
  • Questioning skills to get to the root of complaints

Administrative Details

  • Participants will be provided with a workbook / handout pack
  • Formal attire is very much encouraged
  • Workshop will start according to the schedule – so please be punctual
  • Ideal attendance: 10 – 15 pax

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