Key Accounts Management

There is a saying: “It costs five times more to get a new account than to keep one.” This maxim holds true especially when we are operating in a very competitive environment; and where companies are finding ways to reduce selling costs. It is with this purpose in mind that this program has been designed to help companies to manage their “key accounts” effectively before it is lost to the competition. It is without doubt that competition is fast becoming fierce everyday – just ask any sales personnel. The only way is to consolidate your accounts position by managing them and in the process, you will not only get to receive repeat sales but create new ones in the process.

The days of merely maintaining the accounts are over. Sales personnel must learn to manage them well in order that the customer continues to come back again and again to do business with you. That makes the difference. “Managing” and not “Maintaining”

  • “after the sales!…………now what?????”
  • The importance of account management in a competitive environment.
  • Marketing definition of your business.
  • Know the difference between “marketing” and “sales”. What is your role?
  • The disease in account management – “COMPLACENCY”
Course Objectives: 
  • Identify key accounts to target for managing
  • Understand the process of managing the account
  • Obtain referrals for new businesses
  • Develop a relationship-building plan-bonding techniques
  • Conduct effective sales meetings relating to managing of key accounts
  • The application of certain forms that will assist effective management of key accounts
  • Value each account as a main contributor to the company’s overall business performance
Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Lectures, case studies, role plays.

To ensure that participants receive maximum benefit from the program, they will be provided with worksheets (tools) which will act as a guide to the understanding of the program. These worksheets are specially designed to provide a flow leading to the objective of the course. Video presentations will be screened in order to amplify substance of certain modules.

Course Outlines: 

Module 1: The value chain of your organization. (Group exercise included)

  • Are you well supported in servicing your clients? Applying the value chain to determine the “red” spots in your organization.
  • The “SWOT” analysis of your service ability to your clients. (Video screening included)

Module 2: The Buying Team

  • Who’s who in the buying team of your client.
  • Be aware of what your buyer wants.
  • Know the forces that will affect a buyer’s performance.
  • Using the “Account Profile” form

Module 3: Negotiating-Selling Strategy (Case studies included)

  • The 4 characteristics of effective sales negotiators
  • Understanding basic sales negotiation principles
  • The importance of “negotiation follow-through”
  • Are you prepared to negotiate for a renewed contract?
  • Sell your unique factors.
  • Listing your value-added support services.
  • Understanding buyer’s power
  • Understanding Seller’s power – you are the salesman. Do you know what it takes to sell and maintain an account.

Module 4: Developing a Relation-Building Plan.

(Real live examples will be shown how such planning brought in sales even during tough times)

  • “Touching the souls” of your customer.
  • The 5 types of sales relationship – which one are you?
  • The 5 types of salesman – which one are you?
  • Workshop: Developing a monthly relationship-building plan. Know some customer bonding techniques.
  • Applying the Critical Success Plan (CSP)

Module 5: Manage the Account

  • Objectives of managing the account
  • Listing down accounts that deserves your attention in the next 12 months
  • Type of communication with the account
  • Your call objectives for managing the account
  • What is your call plan when you call on your customers
  • Account review meeting – what are you supposed to do?
  • Applying the Account Action Plan.
  • Applying the Account Progress Report

Module 6: Control and measuring success

  • Applying the weekly planner
  • Applying the daily sales report
  • Applying the customer purchase ledger
  • Applying the Account business plan

Module 7: Managing Service Breakdown & Conclusion

  • Self-analysis: How do you score on services?
  • Applying the 6-step formula to service recovery.
  • Case study: British Airways



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