How to Build a Superior Service Culture

Today, as more and more products are filling the market place, it has become difficult for companies to compete to achieve a greater market share. Much money has been spent on advertising and recruitment of sales personnel to generate better revenue, but when products whose brands have no impact in the market place, such companies will lose out ultimately. In fact, if one was to look at matters in it s right perspective, there is actually no necessity to spend milions of ringgit on A & P, when the customers were there in the first place, and all that was needed was to accord them the due attention, with a smile. This regretfully, many companies fail to do and as such, the attrition rate of customers become greater by the months, not because of inferior product quality, but because of the nonchalant attitude of the staff.

The manner in which the staff treat its customers is a clear reflection of the people at the top who has failed to walk the talk. So this two-day programme is to outline certain strategic approaches to enable, and empower your staff to perform better in meeting clients’ expectation.

It costs five times to find a new customer than to retain one. Therefore, it is time to CONSOLIDATE your customer base.

Course Objectives: 
  • A clear direction to instil a customer service culture in the organisation.
  • Confidence level of staff will be enhanced.
  • The ability to set standards for staff to adhere to.
  • An appraisal exercise that will conclude on a productive note based on standards set.
  • Be more of a leader than a manager.
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Course Methodology: 

The session will include presentation by the facilitator with certain modules supported by video screenings. This is to amplify the substance of the topic in discussion. In addition, there will be group discussions where each participant will be required to present his/her views for discussion with fellow participants.

Course Outlines: 


  • It breeds from the top.
  • We don’t know what good service is, until we don’t get it.
  • The need for a superior service culture.
  • The competitive environment
  • The paradigm shift from norm to extraordinary.
  • Do you make a difference? Are you a visionary?

Module 1: Manager or Leader

  • The role of leadership in service culture environment.
  • The four roles in leadership
  • The four types of leadership
  • How to apply the right kind of leadership to certain staff to induce them to conform to a service culture.

Module 2: The Value Chain of the Organisation

  • Understanding service values
  • The importance of working together
  • Applying the value chain chart
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the staff.

Module 3: The Relationship-building Plan

  • The five type of service relationship
  • Bonding techniques with the customers.
  • Preparing the relationship building plan.

Module 4: Setting Standards

  • Poor performance reflects poor standards.
  • The right kind of standards to apply.
  • The monitoring process
  • Accountability during an appraisal exercise.

Module 5: Empowerment

You must empower. Lacking empowerment reduces the effectiveness of decision-making by staff members.

Case in study: Managing Service Breakdown.
Understand the six steps in service recovery.
Case studies: British Airways, Famous Amos and SEA Insurance.

Module 6: Profit from Complaints

  • Focus group study sessions
  • Taking the lead – phone the customers
  • Visitations – time to make your presence felt.
  • The benefits of complaints
  • How to unearth complaints
  • How to handle complaints when you get them.
  • Setting up a complaints system.

Module 7: Design and implement the service programme

  • The 11 steps in Total Approach.
  • Forming a steering group
  • Types of corporate trainings for senior managers, line managers and general staff.

Module 8: Recognise and reward Service Excellence

  • Criteria needed for such recognition.
  • Ways to reward other than cash.
  • The motivation required for staff to carry on the good work or enhance their present efforts.
  • Are you satisfied with your service culture?

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