Holistic Stress Management in Action

There is a stress that kills, and also a stress that heals. Knowing the difference between the two can go a long way to ensure your continual personal productivity, self-esteem and freedom. Say goodbye to stress related health problems such as chronic fatigue, headache, blood pressure, diabetes, acidic stomach, foggy mind, anxiety disorder, colon disorder, and many others.

In this seminar, you will learn about the stress factors that directly affect personal productivity and overall health. You will be guided on how to achieve and sustain not only an energetic body, but also mental clarity and emotional balance for life. Can you imagine having all these with you so that you can do unlimited works? Now that is the true meaning of “Health is Wealth” !

Course Objectives: 

Specially  designed  to  enable  the  busy  Senior Executive  to  gain  and  sustain….

  • a clear mind
  • a stable emotion
  • an energetic body
  • a calm spirit

...…to  handle  his or  her  day  to  day  work  demands  and  expectations

Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

The Anatomy Of Stress

  • Where and how does it all begin in your body system ?
  • The destructive pathway or process of chronic stress
  • The effects and consequences of sustained accumulated stress
  • Some startling Malaysian Health Facts

Four Main Sources Of Stress

  • Emotions and thoughts related stress
  • Physical and pace stress
  • Toxicity exposure stress
  • Food and dietary stress

How To Relieve Stress Symptoms / Manifestations

  • Law of Cause and Effect
  • Personal Stress Profiling
  • Identify the key causes
  • Action plans to reverse stress symptoms and effects
  • Stress relief techniques

Handling Stress Related Ailments / Conditions

  • Get to root of the problem
  • Reversing stressed related diseases: diabetes – hypertension – heart disease – stroke – gastro-colon problem – chronic fatigue – mental disorientation – anxiety disorder – female problems – and others?
  • Treatment options useful for you to know (360%)

Worksheets/Handouts Used For This Workshop

How’s Your Health Questionnaire 

  • What Am I Eating Every day ?
  • The Food Guide
  • Quick Recipes (3 pages)
  • My Philosophy Towards Life 
  • My Purpose In Life  (Statements)
  • Stress Analysis
  • Contentment Questionnaire
  • Depression Screening Exercise
  • Personal Profiling worksheet
  • HM Toxicity Symptom Checklist
  • Harmful Chemicals in Personal Care Products
  • Words Of Wisdom To Live By (2 pages)
  • Stress / Health Condition Analysis (6 copies)
  • Your Personal Stress Audit
  • Action Plan to Overcome Chronic Stress

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