Handling Misconducts And Domestic Inquiry

The management of human resources towards the 21st century requires appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure professionalism and effectiveness in the achievement of organizational goals. Dealing with disciplinary matters covering investigations, domestic inquiries and punishments requires the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to avoid costly consequences to the organization. Employees are becoming more aware of their rights and remedies available to them. It is therefore incumbent upon management to serve justice professionally, fairly, firmly and without fear or favour.

The course is designed to impart the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to the participants on the principles, law and practice in order to ensure that they discharge their responsibilities as panel members in a domestic inquiry in a profession manner that would foster confidence in the organization’s management system and avoid the costly consequences of defective handling of discipline and due inquiries. The programme is packed with practical guidelines for participants to apply with confidence in the performance of their organizational roles.

Course Objectives: 
  • Handle disciplinary problems more efficiently and effectively.
  • Work towards creating a better working environment to reduce employee misconduct.
  • Handle investigation and due inquiry professionally.
  • Ensure proper documentation to protect employer’s interests.
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Course Methodology: 

Lectures, case studies, syndicate work, mock DI’s with the setting up of the charge letter, the roles plays by each enquiry member, the role of the panel and submission of the report by the panel members

Course Outlines: 

Session 1

  • What is discipline? Why it is important for organizational peace, productivity and profitability?
  • What constitutes a grievance
  • Grievance procedure and resolving grievances
  • Management rights, roles and responsibilities.
  • Policies, procedures and practices.
  • Mechanics of taking disciplinary action.
  • Reducing indiscipline – your action plan.
  • What is Misconduct in Industrial Relations
  • Differentiating minor and major misconducts

Session 2

  • Serious forms of misconducts
  • How to deal with misconducts
  • What is due inquiry / domestic inquiry / natural justice / substantive justice / social justice / misconduct / condonation
  • Purpose of investigation
  • IH5W of investigation
  • The investigation report
  • Purpose of due inquiry
  • The domestic inquiry panel

Session 3

  • Domestic inquiry procedure
  • Preparations for an inquiry
  • Guidelines for holding a domestic inquiry
  • How to conduct the inquiry
  • Findings and Consequences of a defective inquiry
  • Consequences of not holding an inquiry

Session 4

  • Landmark cases on domestic inquiry
  • Documentation, follow-up and consistency
  • Case studies and case law. 
  • Role Play by participants

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