Handling Customers’ Complaints (The best of customer service techniques)

  • Why do customers complain.
  • Are complaints real?
  • The “buck stops here”.
  • Why is it important to address customers’ complaints promptly.
Course Objectives: 

To handle and manage customer complaints with a high degree of confidence and competency.

Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Course Methodology: 

Experiential activities, Role plays (lots of it), lectures, group discussion and video presentations.

Course Outlines: 

MODULE 1 Understanding Customers

  • The Value chain of your organization
  • The Internal Factor [your colleagues – the ‘Can Do’ person]
  • The External Factor [the customers]

MODULE 2 The Six Keys To Customers Service

Six techniques will be shown on how to made the customer feel delighted. 

MODULE 3 The Four Common Type Of Difficult Customers

  • The Complainer
  • The Know-it-all
  • The Undecisive
  • The Unresponsive

Techniques will be shown on how to deal with each of these type of customers.

MODULE 4 Empowerment

Staff need to be empowered to handle customer’s complaints.  The ability to make immediate decisions to resolve problems for the customers goes a long in instilling confidence in the customers.

MODULE 5 Service Recovery

When the service provided failed, it is important that the staff should immediately embarked on a service recovery exercise.  In this module, participants will be shown six steps to win customers back [before they go to the competition]
Video: Mad upon arrival.

MODULE 6 Developing A Relationship- Building Plan

This exercise does not only help to maintain rapport with customers but also differentiate your organisation from that of your competitors in customer-relationships.

MODULE 7 Customer Feedback

Customers’ participations by way of providing feedback on the company’s standard of service is vital.  It is through this approach that complaints can be drastically reduced and at the same time, you are telling the customer “you are listening to them”.


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