Grooming & Interpersonal Skills

Effective communication and interpersonal relationships are very important to each person in any organization . Without communication, there cannot be any effective work performance. Together with a suitable corporate image and dynamic interpersonal communication, the individual will become more driven towards success in his company. With a passion for others ingrained in him, the individual, whether as an executive or manager in the company, will experience a rise in performance and results.

Course Objectives: 

Many regular grooming and communication workshops in the market focus on trying to create a wall-street look for every participant. They try to enforce a fixed look (white shirt, red tie, black jacket) on everyone, not knowing that every industry has its own power look. And during the training, they only learn what grooming and communication is, but not so much on how to choose and channel one’s image and communication skills towards tangible and practical results. This workshop not only provides a happy atmosphere for learning, but more importantly, it teaches the participants how to use psychological tactics in image creation and communication to create tangible results and bring profitable changes to their company.

Overall, the training outcome will encompass:

  • Creating an effective executive image and setting the stage for negotiations
  • Using the power of words to connect with others instantly one-on-one
  • Utilizing facial expressions and body positioning to gain power over others.

The workshop will focus on 4 areas of communication:

  • Power of Image: Learn how to use minimal grooming to gain the optimum benefits in your work 
  • Power of Words: Learn how to use specific words at specific times to gain trust, to test your listeners and to handle objections    
  • Power of Movements: Learn how to use your body and gestures to interact with difficult people 
  • Power of the Place: Learn how to use your office / cubicle / work environment to optimize your image
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Fun yet effective image-building and communication activities will be prepared for the participants to introduce key interpersonal concepts and to encourage them to formulate real action plans that can be implemented in their workplace during the following work-week. Outdoor activities (including but not restricted to assignments at the Hotel Lobby, training venue vicinity etc.) combined with indoor fun brain-storming and role-playing sessions will be adopted and adapted to the levels of the participants.

Course Outlines: 

Power of Image – Part 1 & 2

These sessions will have ‘Grooming’ as their theme. Participants will be undergoing many activities that will help them improve their external and internal image to create a professional impression.

  • how to get an instant diagnosis on what others think of you in terms of appearance
  • how to use what you have physically to create a balanced image
  • how to choose clothes colors that can have a positive psychological effect on others
  • how to avoid jeopardizing a contract-signing meeting using your grooming skills
  • how to use selected pieces of attire to enhance your image power
  • how to dress according to the occasion
  • how to attract others to talk with you without saying a word
  • how to make others interested in you from the first ‘hello’

Power of Words – Part 1 & 2

These sessions will have ‘verbal communication’ as their theme. Participants will be undergoing many activities that will help them improve their speaking skills.

  • how to start a conversation with a stranger
  • how to maintain an interesting conversation with just about anyone
  • how to control your voice volume to enhance your executive image
  • how to manipulate your vocal pitch and tonality to create a psychological effect
  • how to speak faster and still be understood clearly
  • how to make your listeners interested in and fixed on what you are saying
  • how to give clear instructions over the phone
  • how to use story-telling skills to bring your listeners into your world

Power of Movements – Part 1 & 2

These sessions will have ‘Non-Verbal Communication’’ as their theme. Participants will be undergoing many activities that will help them improve their connection with others through using their body movements.

  • how to convey your message more accurately using stage-technology
  • how to read other people’s body language more accurately
  • how to use body language to influence others or to mislead them
  • how to speak and listen with your eyes
  • how to legalize an illegal smile
  • how to connect with others instantly with your breath
  • how to use your movements and gestures to increase your authority
  • how to employ selected movements to speak to your listener’s sub-conscious mind

Power of the Place – Part 1 & 2

These sessions will have ‘Confidence and Authority’ as their theme. Participants will be undergoing many activities that will help them improve their external environment and internal strength to communicate with different kinds of people.

  • how to make others feel respect the moment they enter your office/space
  • how to use your posture to convey an image of success
  • how to handle a difficult person using the power of poise
  • how to impress the subconscious mind of the other person using subtle signs
  • how to enhance your relationship with an angry customer using room setting
  • how to convey an image of importance with the power of props
  • how to increase your personal confidence at anyplace and at anytime
  • how to create a positive aura with the power of your thoughts

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