Fraud & Risk Management

This training session aims to provide guidance on managing the risk of fraud, including the process to implement Internal Controls, and various anti-fraud tools that can be implemented within an organization to prevent, detect and respond to fraud.

Course Objectives: 

The goal of this course is to ensure that participants understand how business is able to develop/establish the fraud risk management for their organization.

Target Audience: 
Managers, Internal Auditors, Senior Executives, Accounting Dept., Any individual involved in processes and security.
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, Lectures, Case studies, Interactive discussions.

Course Outlines: 

Module 1: Introduction to Fraud, Symptoms of Fraud and the Fraud Triangle elements 

1.1 Definition of fraud

1.2 Red flags

1.3 Fraud Triangle - Motive/Pressure, Rationalization and Opportunity

1.4 Fraudsters Profile

Module 2: Types of Fraud

2.1 Internal

2.2 External

2.3 Fraud Tree and Common Fraud Schemes

Module 3: Internal Controls

3.1 COSO Internal Controls Framework

3.2 Importance and value of Internal Controls

3.3 Tone From The Top & Organisation Culture

Module 4: Fraud Risk Assessment

4.1 Assessing the risk of fraud

4.2 Scenarios

4.3 Creative Thinking

Module 5: Fraud Risk Assessment  ( Continued)

5.1 Impact & Probability

Personnel in charge

5.3 Identifying Internal Controls

5.4  Fraud Risk Matrix

Module 6: Governance & Risk Compliance

Corporate Governance

6.2  Risk Management

6.3  SME versus Large Organisations

Module 7: Other Tools

7.1 Whistleblowing Hotline

7.2 Education & Training

7.3 Other regulations & protections

Module 8: Discovery of Fraud

8.1Do’s and don’t upon fraud discovery



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