Essential Leadership Skills

There is one certainty in any organisation : change or be changed. At the forefront of this, the first line of defense is a group of people in your organisation who must be good in the basics – managerial skills. These people may not necessarily be managers only, they can be anyone who has subordinates or who needs to work with a group of people (eg,. in a project). The top management sets the vision, and they depend on people who are efficient in the execution. It is always at the execution point that differentiates between the good and bad consequences, outstanding results or a complete disaster.

Course Objectives: 
  • Understand the role of management within the organization 
  • Improve overall performance through effective mentoring & positive confrontation
  • Be more professional in practising management
  • Motivate People better 
  • Enhance and improve leadership skills
  • Upgrade communication skills 
  • Increase team skills
  • Achieve better overall results through better evaluation of performance
  • Enhancing Time Management Skills towards effective management
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 


  • What is leadership and why it is important?
  • Leadership Approaches/Styles
  • Case Exercise on leadership
  • Guidelines to application


  • Introductory exercise: “Dream of a King”
  • Definition and example
  • Common pitfalls of poor communication
  • Tool on how to avoid them

Mentoring Skills and Giving Directions 

  • How to provide effective directions
  • The SMART approach
  • Follow up: the “Twin Brother” of Giving Directions


  • Survey: what do people want?
  • Definition
  • How to manage motivation

Problem Solving

  • Workplace problems
  • Why is problem repeating
  • How to handle it?

Time Management

  • How to be productive compared to others
  • Case discussion on Prioritization

Staff Performance and Evaluation

  • How to tell the good, the bad and the ugly?
  • Can/Will matrix
  • Performance and evaluation: how to do it properly

Professionalism and Managing Difficult Staff

  • Why do people behave the way they do?
  • Relationship between Attitude and Behavior
  • Managing rationalism versus emotionalism towards professionalism
  • Tactical handling of People
  • Confrontation technique


  • Case: Game Theory
  • What is a Team?
  • How to select the best team

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