Equipped With Excellence – Built For New Beginnings

What would you do when your company downsizes its staff due to changes in the industry and the economy? The importance of being equipped with essential skills when losing your job demands that you not only possess the mindset to accept the loss positively, but also have the attitude, knowledge and skills to find another job in the fastest time frame. This means that you need to have sufficient exposure to the intricacies of human psychology to effectively survive and succeed in the ever-competitive job market. This workshop presents you with the opportunity to enhance your marketability when you are downsized by your company by equipping you with excellence so that you can be built for new beginnings.

Course Objectives: 
  • Tackle the stress of losing your job and sense of work identity
  • Enhance your creativity to find solutions to your situation
  • Overhaul your personal grooming for better job prospects
  • Handle interviews and sell yourself better through effective communication
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Course Methodology: 

15% interactive lecture, 70% participative activities, 15% group discussions

Course Outlines: 

Part 1

  • Fundamentals of stress and anger management
  • Attitudes and mindset you need when facing the loss of your job
  • Leveraging on the different types of stress and anger you might feel
  • Values inherent in someone who is losing his / her job
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic factors in gaining proper closure
  • Neuro-strategies to handle different types of stress and anger 

Part 2

  • Steps in Enhancing your creativity in solving your situation
  • Determining your creative aptitude in facing a new world out there
  • Results-driven tactics to make effective future career decisions
  • Traits of a good decision when deciding what to do with your future
  • Elements of problem-solving other programs won’t tell you
  • Objectives and approaches in choosing your new path in life
  • Hands-on group activities

Part 3

  • Effective strategies in re-branding yourself
  • Applying psychological imperatives in re-branding yourself
  • Linking excellent grooming with hidden behavioral traits & tactics
  • Validating your image and style using the mind-filter technique
  • Improving your body language through mental maps
  • New insights on grooming in the new job market

Part 4

  • Advanced approaches in selling and promoting yourself
  • Devices and deliverables in attending interviews as an older worker
  • Rectifying the most common mistakes others make in interviews
  • Techniques to sell your ideas (and anything, if you decide to do business)
  • Effective and applicable inter-personal communication strategies
  • Obstructions and obstacles in getting to know the right people nowadays
  • Hands-on group activities

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