Diversity and Inclusion for Organizational Performance Workshop

“Diversity and Inclusion” workshop provides the knowledge, skills and tools to assist work groups and team members in behaving differently. Participants develop the basis for creating and sustaining change that fosters a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive workforce and workplace. The program is flexible to meet the demands and schedules of today's active working environments.


Designed to be a fundamental component of a diversity initiative, the “Diversity and Inclusion” workshop goes beyond simply informing employees about diversity. The workshop also to develops and enhances skills among employees to help them communicate more profoundly in the future.

In this interactive session, participants learn what cultural influences created their own behavior and communication style. In the process, they gain a new prospective to recognize and accept differences of other cultures. Through cases, exercises and interactive discussions, the workshop develops skills and understandings to improve dialogue with people who have a different "cultural lens" and improve overall communication within the team and the organization as a whole.

While diversity training cannot all together change individuals’ beliefs, the “Diversity and Inclusion” session increases awareness, imparts knowledge and educates employees on how to accept differences among fellow employees. Everyone leaves the session with a better awareness of their own personal values and how their past has created their current perceptions, behaviors, and communication style. They develop new understandings for their own personal growth.

Course Objectives: 
  • Raise awareness for the concepts of diversity and inclusion
  • Understand why diversity and inclusion are business imperatives
  • Understanding and value the diversity of our co-workers
  • Identify ways to make your workplace more inclusive
  • Develop and Individual Action Plan
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Case studies, lectures, role plays, assignmentsb

Course Outlines: 
  • Impact of Diversity in an organization
  • The Business Case for Diversity
  • Diversity Definitions
  • We All Have Hidden Biases-perception
  • Dimensions of Diversity
  • Social Styles and Communication
  • Social Style Descriptions
  • Social Styles Activity
  • Culture and Communication
  • Comparing Communication Norms and Values from Different Cultures
  • Language and Diversity-race, creed, religion
  • The Impact of Non-Inclusion
  • Teamwork and Inclusion
  • Summary
  • Action Plans

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