Developing Proficiencies in Procurement Management (Source to Supply)

Procurement Management is a competitive weapon that distinguishes successful and profitable organizations from others within the same industry. The impact of procurement to business performance hits the profit margins. Thus, the smaller the profit margin, the more critical is the focus on reducing the procurement costs and risks simultaneously.

Course Objectives: 
  • Understanding the procurement level from operational to strategic
  • Learning the tactical factors of the purchasing supplying cycle 
  • Realizing the importance of supplier development and negotiation
  • Familiarizing the administration and monitoring of supply contracts
  • Knowing the pragmatic incorporation of Incoterms in sale contract
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

A workshop based seminar with assignments and interactive group activities reinforcing the understanding of learning points and related participant’s job scope.

Review and analytical extract of selected case references on the pitfall and shortfall of procurement.

Course Outlines: 

The Procurement Management Conceptual in Organization

  • Orientation of Creating Value in The Customer's Domain
  • Essentialities of Procurement Practices And Processes
  • Functionalities of Procured Items And Services Matrix

The Implementation of Purchasing Process in An Organization

  • The Principal 5 Parameters of Objectives in Purchasing
  • The Tactical 7 Styles of Methods Used in Purchasing
  • The Organizational 6 Models of Controlling in Purchasing

The Factors of Purchasing And Supply Contracts in Practice

  • Undertakings of The Contract Owner, Executioner And Beneficiary
  • Implementing And Monitoring The 11 Types of Supply Contracts
  • Developing Request For Proposal (RFP) And Statement of Works (SOW)

The Enablers of Supplier Development And Management

  • Generalizing Processes From initiating Project to Recognizing Team
  • Eliminating The 7 Supplier Process Wastes And The 12 Barriers
  • Strategizing The Value Engineering And Value Analysis Processes

The Purchasing Negotiation Tactics in Stages of Accomplishment

  • Resolving Points of Difference in Reaching Amicable Solutions
  • The 10 Critical Steps From Gathering Facts to Mode of Conclusion
  • The Style of Transactional Positioning Negotiation Between Buyer Seller

Ethical Principles And Standards of Procurement And Supply

  • Defining The Ethical Perceptions And Responsibilities to Employer
  • Explaining The Implications of Conflict of interest And Reciprocity
  • Familiarizing Important Areas of Amplification to Avoid Sharp Practice

Application of Contract For international Sales of Goods (CISG)

  • Acceptance of An Offer Based on The Mirror Image Concept
  • Acceptance of A Price Based on Precise Procedure Determination
  • Acceptance of A Revocation And Formation of Contract Provision
  • Contracting Incoterms in Purchase And Supply Contracts

The Terms And Conditions Used in Commercial Transactions

  • The Purpose And Scope in Different Practices And Rulings
  • The Structure of Departure, Main Carriage And Arrival Grouping

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