Developing Personal Influence & Impact

Effective personal influence & impact are indisputably essential in the arsenal of every top-notch corporate performer. Without this ability to connect with others, you cannot effectively manage your stakeholders nor will there be leadership in a team. This workshop combines verbal and non-verbal influencing skills, together with the knowledge on how to create an impact through a powerful professional image.

Course Objectives: 
  • Identify the importance of personal influence and impact
  • Influence the decisions of others in your organization
  • Build, manage & leverage a personal network
  • Influence and deal with a wider range of people and personalities, even difficult ones
  • Project a stronger and more confident professional image
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 
  • Participative Lecture (40%)
  • Case Studies (20%)
  • Role Play & Exercises (20%)
  • Group Discussion & Presentation (20%)
Course Outlines: 

Your Professional Image 1

  • Make a powerful yet understated 1st impression at business meetings
  • Choose clothes that positively effect stakeholders on a psychological level
  • Use colors that make others trust your leadership
  • Build confidence by what you wear

Your Professional Image 2

  • Let your personal accessories (men and women) advertise your leadership
  • Optimize your facial features to convey confidence when meeting another person
  • Subtly influence others during negotiations
  • Up the strength of your image overnight

Your Personal Network 1

  • Manage your conversations well
  • Create genuine interest during a conversation
  • Make others in your network like & follow you
  • Subtly control others without them resenting

Your Personal Network 2

  • How you speak (leader’s voice quality) will determine the direction of your network
  • Tweak your words to create a positive psychological effect on your members
  • How to better understand your followers
  • Build rapport with whomever you are talking with

Influencing Decisions 1

  • Enter a meeting room and get noticed
  • Exude an aura of confidence without saying a word
  • Build trust at the start of a conversation
  • Learn to ask decisive questions

Influencing Decisions 2

  • Read other’s thoughts during decision-making time
  • Influence others using body gestures without them knowing
  • Gain clarity on the underlying reasons of a decision
  • Influence the flow of a meeting without saying a word

Dealing with Various Personalities

  • Identify what personal values are behind certain personalities
  • Learn what makes people do what they do
  • Identify traits in your team & stakeholders
  • Have others respond to you from their perspective

Dealing with  Difficult Personalities

  • Feel confident in meeting “Diffics”
  • Be more relaxed when interacting with aggressive people
  • Raise your aura of authority using simple thought processes
  • Use their personalities to your advantage

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