Critical, Analytical + Creative Thinking and Reasoning

Success of an organization and its leaders typically rest upon how managers and staff understand the psychological influences and process of thinking, an “out of the box” kind of thinking that they make. Since it is crucially evident that the employees are a very important dimension in the success of an organization, the challenge is to turn them from “clock watchers” to critical and creative workforce which can give the organization a competitive edge.

Course Objectives: 
  • understand critical, analytical and creative thinking
  • learn techniques on becoming more critical, analytical & creative & apply these to help self and organization to improve
  • understand how we think
  • examine the obstacles towards organization greatness
  • pick up hints on the psychology behind employee hesitation
  • learn to empower
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

• Hands-on exercises
• Group discussions
• Case studies
• Interactive storytelling
• Commentary on other companies / industries
• Video presentation

Course Outlines: 

What is analytical, critical and creative thinking

  • case exercise
  • discussion on thinking out of the box
  • types of learning

Why don’t all organizations have critical/analytical thinking and creative people

Difference between critical thinking and creativity

conditions for us to think critically and creatively

  • empowerment and ownership
  • ownership case discussion

Idea generation – 6 techniques

  • reversal
  • brainstorming
  • reframing matrix
  • concept fan
  • random approach
  • provocation

The political environment

  • the 5 points of political power
  • politics and power

Workplace culture 

  • culture and roles of leadership
  • the 6 leadership approaches

Attitude formation & impact

  • performance management: ability and attitude

Psychological contract

  • expectation exercise

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