Creative Thinking - Develop Your Thoughts For Innovation

Here is a creativity enhancement program that is blended with lecture and case studies. It uses a Darwin process to rid fear, phobias and limiting beliefs and sciences of Hypnosis, NLP, Manifestation Science and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, sales games and group discussion. Participants will formulate their creative mind-set goals and milestones via mind programming techniques.

Course Objectives: 

This training covers some basic theory and background, clarifying what the world of 'creative thinking' and 'innovation' looks like. It then looks at principles, practices and tools around creative thinking in particular. There will be opportunities to apply the tools and techniques and practice running creative thinking sessions and being a creative thinker yourself, giving you a creative thinking toolkit to use in the future. It also includes mind programing techniques to enhance left brain creativity thinking: 

  • recognise the key characteristics for creative thinking
  • know the similarities and differences between problem solving and solution development
  • make the most of the difference between left and right brain thinking
  • know how to overcome thinking blocks
  • formulate effective questions
  • create the right environment for creative thinking
  • Balance creative and critical thinking in order to move to action.
  • Gain a number of proven practical tools to support creativity and problem solving in the workplace.
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

The need for fresh thinking

  • Learn why it is essential for individuals and organisations to be more creative.
  • Understand what type of thinker you are so you can develop your own personal creativity and help others access theirs.

The creative process

  • Discover why creativity is so important in today’s competitive industry
  • Understand how to develop your ideas by using different creative process models.

Creativity techniques

  • Learn a range of practical and easy to use techniques for idea generating, problem solving and evaluation.
  • You will gather a tool box that includes Mind Mapping, an introduction to de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®, situation/solution reversal, Metaphysics, analogies and other thinking and creativity approaches that are proven to revolutionise, save time, money and reach decisions quickly.

Running sessions and harvesting ideas

  • Discover how to gain the confidence to facilitate your own creativity sessions.
  • How to make sure that all the ideas in your organisation are generated, captured and effectively evaluated.

Enhancing Left Brain Thinking and Breaking Creativity Mental Blocks 

  • Learn the latest techniques on how to break mental blockage to creative thinking. Use mind techniques to enhance and motivate the subconscious mind to recall and retrieve data for innovative thinking.
  • Learn relaxation techniques for increased concentrated focus and visualization capabilities. 
  • Apply Cognitive Behaviour self-mind programming for manifestation of creative thinking.

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