The Cost-Saving Workforce

During these economic times, companies that survive and succeed are those which are able to cut unnecessary costs. The human factor in the workforce affects costs significantly and can cause a company to experience losses if not addressed effectively. This program helps you identify and manage the human factors in your company’s cost-saving efforts using unique psychological tools.

Course Objectives: 
  • Match the right personality to the right task to avoid inefficiency
  • Avoid the cost of poor time-management at work
  • Make cost-effective decisions for the company
  • Solve problems effectively as a cost-conscious team
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Number of days: 
Course Methodology: 

30% interactive sharing by trainer, 50% experiential group activities, 20% group presentations

Course Outlines: 

Part 1: The Role of Personality-Matching in Cost-Savings

  • The importance of finding the right person for the right task
  • How to discover talents using personality profiling tools
  • Balancing your strengths and weaknesses in your job
  • Working with different personalities effectively & efficiently

Part 2: The Cost of Poor Time-Management

  • How to overcome procrastination and costly time-wasters
  • The psychological tool for effective multi-tasking
  • The art of cost-effective delegation 
  • How to increase your efficiency in a reduced workforce

Part 3: Decision-making for Empowered Cost Management

  • How to identify costly decisions using critical-thinking tools
  • The psychological strategy to weigh different options
  • How to sharpen your intuition to avoid costly decisions
  • How work cultures affect decisions and its resulting costs

Part 4: Problem-solving Skills for Cost-Effectiveness

  • How to identify the main cost in a given situation
  • Nine Japanese approaches to solve a single problem
  • Creative thinking tools to help the company save on costs
  • How to solve problems cost-effectively as a team

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