Complain Management and Handling Difficult Customer - Can I Help You?

This program is blended with lecture and case studies. It uses mind techniques to create powerful empowering beliefs and sciences of Hypnosis, NLP, Manifestation Science and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, bonding games and group discussion. Participants will coach and grilled in real nerve breaking simulation via mind programming techniques.

The customer is never wrong – and some customers take this to heart. What do you do when faced with a difficult customer? How do you log, manage and improve this experience so that you can work better with such customers? The answer is not an easy one to arrive at. Reasons being that the number of difficult customers you are apt to face varies with your line of business and its scope. The right formula is vital.

Course Objectives: 
  • Manage angry customer’s frustrations
  • Learning how you bring out the best in people who are genuinely upset
  • Becoming a Problem-solver and managing customer expectations
  • How you can transform conflict into cooperation
  • Be stress free and resolve complaints faster
  • Create business by satisfying more customers
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Course Outlines: 

Create Customer Satisfaction

  • Defining the categories of Customer?
  • Developing customer relationship with quality services
  • Gaining customer commitment and long term partnership
  • The key in building long-term customer partnerships

Create Customer Satisfaction

  • How customers become difficult to handle? 
  • Types of difficult customers
  • Professional Strategies in handling difficult customers 
  • Solving customer’s problem

Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction 

  • Why and how people complain?
  • What is a customer complaint?
  • Communicating with the complainer
  • Why is customer complaint handling so important?
  • Why don’t more dissatisfied customers complain?
  • Important techniques to use when handling complaints 
  • Encourage complaints 

Improve Your Communication Skills

  • Customers spend more when they receive better service.
  • Build customer rapport effectively
  • Listening techniques to use before choosing a communication style 
  • Important information you can derive from body language and voice 
  • When to say “No” to the customer
  • The most effective way to respond to unreasonable demands 
  • Making the customer feel valued from the start 

Maintain Your Composure Under Pressure

  • How our perceptions affect the way we react to customers 
  • How to create and maintain a positive attitude 
  • Manage your stress in front of a difficult customer

Skills to Resolve Complaints

  • Learn how to turn around difficult customer behaviour. 
  • Cutting through the emotion to get the facts you need to solve problems 
  • From simply irate to abusive - how to get through to angry customers 
  • Learn how to build loyalty and change difficult behaviour by exceeding expectations. 
  • Optioning - a very effective, but often underused, technique 
  • Dealing with customers who only want to talk to "management" 
  • Tactfully handling a situation when the customer caused the problem: How to keep from getting drawn into an argument 
  • Negotiation skills - how to know if you are giving away too much or too little
  • Managing customer expectations

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